Monday, September 14, 2009

Moving to WordPress

After finally getting many personal and professional tasks in order over the last year, I am now able to devote time to my real passion: my genealogical research. I am cleaning up the site and moving it to WordPress as I have found it easier to navigate, more user friendly (for you), and attaching and sharing documents is much easier to do.

With the renewed focus on my genealogical research I am doing several things to share more information with you:

1. Cleaning and reoganizing website content.
2. Redoing my research to comply with NGS standards regarding documentation and references. Previous research was not referenced appropriately. I recently purchased Legacy software for this task.
3. Will be scanning research documents and making the documents available online. Documents will be completely searchable PDF documents. I will likely be scanning and posting documents as I reenter the information into my family tree software.
4. Creating a new, interactive map that references significant Wakefield family sites. This map should grow to be a significant family research resource.

I have already begun migrating information to the new site. Please update you links as appropriate.

Best Regards,

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