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Associated Families

The following is a list of families associated with the Wakefields primarily from South Carolina and Indiana. Pertinent unions, information, and links to additional material or surname researchers will be included where applicable, when time permits, and when information is discovered.

ANDERSON - When Callie Anderson and James J. Wakefield were married in 1894 in Switzerland County, IN the two families were united. The Andersons were from Craig Township in Switzerland County and were members of the Spring Branch Baptist Church where William Anderson's names can be found in the stained glass that adorn the church.

Visit Melinda Anderson's The Andersons of Switzerland County for more information on these Andersons.

BANTA - If you have done any reseach in Switzerland County, Indiana then you probably know about the Bantas. Three of James Wakefield's five children married Bantas in the 1850s in Switzerland County. There has been a significant amount of research done on the Bantas. The Switzerland County library in Vevay has a comprehensive collection of Banta research material including The Frisian Family, the Banta's most significant genealogical reference book.

BOGGS - Elizabeth Ann 'Annie' Boggs married Isaac Faries Wakefield in October of 1992 and with that marriage the Boggs and Wakefield families were united. Annie's family was the Northern part of Kentucky (Gallatin County) that was across the river from Vevay and Switzerland County. The Boggs family can be found in Gallatin county in 1870s and were present on both sides of the river in subsequent years. It is from this union, Isaac's second marriage, that Walter and Willard Totten Wakefield were born. Willard Totten is the great-grandfather of the author of this site, Chris Hart.



BRUTHER - Brothers Caleb and Charles Bruther came to America from Germany in the 1850s and settled in Jefferson County, IN. The Wakefields and Bruthers union occurred when Loretta Elizabeth Bruther married Willard Totten Bruther in 1922. Bruther, and associated families of Smythe, Gordon, and Lowry, information can be found throughout this site. Interestingly, the surname of Bruther can still be found in Hanover, Indiana today.

Visit Denny Jackson's Jackson-Bruther Family History site for additional information.





DAVIS - The early 1800s saw the Wakefield and Davis families intermarry on multiple occasions. Multiple generations of family intermarried and there were several instances of cousins marrying cousins. The Davis and Wakefield Families by Laura Alta Davis Shoptaugh provides an extensive examination of these families. Not included in Laura's research is the marriage of one of Abel Wakefield's daughter's with David A. Davis. Abel can be found living with the Davis's in Indiana and later in Tennessee. I speculate that the Davis and Wakefield families were close even before their mass migration to the burgeoning Indiana territory from the Carolinas.


DRALLE - Sarah Elizabeth Wakefield and Louis Dralle - 1874 - Switzerland County, IN.



GORDON - The union of the Gordons and Bruthers occured when William Harper Gordon and Samantha Beaver's daughter Ella Gordon married William W. Bruther in 1901 in Jefferson County, IN.

Visit Kevin Gordon's George Gordon Family for more information on the Gordons, Bruthers, and Means. More extensive Gordon research can be found at the House of Gordon.


HASKELL - On February 7, 1877 in Switzerland County, Indiana Rebecca Ann Wakefield married Bartholomew Haskell. Rebecca was the eldest daughter of Jacob J. Wakefield and Susannah Jane Banta.




JONES - Elizabeth Ann Jones and James Wakefield - 1820s - Hamilton County, OH.

LE CLERC - Nancy Jane Le Clerc and Robert Washington Wakefield - 1852 - Switzerland County, IN.






MEANS - With the marriage of Isaac Faries Wakefield and Matilda Emma Means in 1882 the Means family joined the Wakefields. Isaac and Matilda were married just 10 years as a result of Emma's unfortunate passing in 1892 just a month after the birth of Maude Edna (Wakefield) Hudson. It is known the Maude spent significant time with the Means family as she appeared with the Means family in the 1900 census. During the latter half of the 1800s the Means family members can be found in Switzerland and Jefferson Counties of Indiana.








SHIRLEY - In the late 1700s several marriages occur between the Shirleys and the Wakefields in South Carolina. These Wakefields families, and other close relatives, migrated to Ohio and Indiana in the early 1800s. A substantial amount of research can be found on the Shirley Family Association website. Our family can be found among the descendents of John Shirley.

SHOPTAUGH - The Shoptaugh family joined the family with the marriage of Laura Alta Davis, born in 1876 to Henry Davis and Catherine Halstead. Henry was the son of Sarah Wakefield and Thorton Davis. Laura did extensive research on the Halstead, Shoptaugh, Davis and Wakefield families. The Davis and Wakefield Families book we have on our site was the result of her research on these families. Laura's great-grandson, Ed Shoptaugh, has continued Laura's work with a thorough analysis of the Shoptaugh Family.






TURNER - Elleanor B. Wakefield and Smith Turner - 1885 - Switzerland County, IN. Just a decade later a Turner marries a Bruther in neighboring Jefferson County.

VAN DAM - With the marriage of Susannah Wakefield, daughter of Robert Washington Wakefield and Nancy Jane Le Clerc, to Garrett Van Dam in Switzerland County on October 1, 1891 the Van Dam family joined the Wakefield family.




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This is a great site. You've done some amazing work developing it. I am connected to a different WAKEFIELD line, specifically Charles and Rachel Martha (BANKSON) WAKEFIELD. They came from Ireland to South Carolina and eventually ended up in Illinois where they died. If there's a potential connection, it would be great to find out.

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