Monday, January 17, 2005

Photo - Willard Totten Wakefield and Grandkids in Tractor Trailer

This photograph is of Willard Totten 'Bobo' Wakefield pulling his grandkids in his tractor trailer. Circa 1960.

In the trailer from left to right: Melissa Ann Wakefield, Sally Jo Wakefield, Tommy Wakefield, Rolland Wakefield, Jeffrey Wakefield, Kevin Wakefield, Clifford Ray Wakefield, and, in Clifford's lap, Davey Wakefield.

Identification by Sally Jo (Wakefield) Meziere.


Anonymous said...

I remember when it came to summer picnics, "bobo", my grandfather, would put watermelons in the creek down by the old barn and after dinner, we the grand kids, would get in the wagon pulled by the tractor and go get them. The water in the creek always made them ice cold....Sometimes, we would make home made ice cream. Grandma always made the best cobblers...

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