Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Isaac F. Wakefield Headstone Fund

In Hanover cemetery in Hanover, Indiana lies Isaac F. Wakefield. Instead of a headstone befitting the man who fathered five generations of descendents there is nothing but a simple stone with the name Wakefield chiseled on it. I want to change that and with your help we will.

The Headstone

On the headstone I would like to have the following:
- Family name, Wakefield, prominently displayed.
- His name, Isaac F. Wakefield.
- His date of birth, July 7, 1861, and date of passing, October 11, 1955.
- A small inscription telling who provided the headstone. Perhaps: "A tribute from his descendents, July 7th, 2008."

Optionally, I would also like to have the following added:
- Picture of Isaac.
- Infomation on Isaac including his parents, spouses, siblings, and children.

The Goal

In the coming weeks I will research various headstone options and narrow down our options and the price. Based on what I have seen so far I anticipate the headstone will be $1000 to $2000.

The Plan

My mom, Sally Meziere, is tracking down the name of the person or group responsible for the maintenance of Hanover Cemetery to ensure we know of any restrictions and the policy for replacing a headstone. Once we determine our options we will finalize our plans and shoot for either a July or October rededication ceremony.


To make a donation to The Isaac F. Wakefield Headstone Fund you can mail a donation to:

The Isaac F. Wakefield Headstone Fund
ATTN: Chris Hart
4466 Grove Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45211


Paypal payment to

I will post a record of donations made as they come in.



Chris Hart said...

I will sacrifice $50 I was saving for a PSP to get the donations started. Anyone care to match my initial donation.

Chris Hart said...

I sacrificed feeding the kids this week so another $20 is in the pot.

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