Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Madison, Indiana During WWII

Many of our ancestors were born and raised in Southern Indiana near Madison and some of our cousins still call this area home. Madison is a beautiful town located on the Ohio River and still looks very much like it did in the 1940s. Here is a glimpse of what Madison was like 60 years ago.

From VisitMadison.Org ...

In the mid-1800’s, all the world seemed to pass through Madison, Indiana. This booming city nestled in the Ohio River Valley, was the center of transportation, industry and commerce for the entire region. Fortunes were made. Empires were built. A spirit of progress and a will to succeed grew among the citizens.

More than 150 years later, much that was special and unique about Madison and Jefferson County then remains unchanged now. Boats and barges still pass on the great northern bend of the Ohio River, surrounded by scenic limestone bluffs. The hills are still tree-covered and the farmlands are still fertile. Many of the grand homes and historic commercial buildings are still in use. And most important,the spirit of progress and the will to succeed is stronger than ever.

Today, the past co-exists with the present in perfect harmony. Madison has been recognized as offering one of the highest qualities of life in the state. This is evident by the recent designation as one of 12 Distinctive Destinations of 2001 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Madison currently has a population of approximately 13,000 people with approximately 30,000 people residing within Jefferson County. The county has some of the finest schools in the state as well as Hanover College, a nationally ranked liberal arts school. There is also an active and thriving cultural movement in the community that includes art festivals, museums, theater, music, entertainment, and numerous local craftsmen and artisans.

Jefferson County is home to one of Indiana’s most beautiful state parks, Clifty Falls. This lush 1200 acre park offers scenic vista, four waterfalls and many hiking trails. Southern Indiana is also a nationally recognized wine region and three award-winning wineries are located within Jefferson County. Madison is also known as an antique mecca in the Midwest. Numerous specialty shops, unique restaurants and quaint B&B’s compliment the historic downtown.

Madison is an ideal place to live, work, raise a family and/or retire. Whether you are looking for someplace different or someplace special… you’ll feel right at home in Historic Madison, located in Jefferson County, Indiana.


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