Monday, February 11, 2008

War of 1812 Pensioners

The following are individuals who filed for pensions after serving in the War of 1812:

  • Wakefield, Abener - Jannette, WC-29789, srv Capt Manly Ford's Co SC Mil
  • Wakefield, Enoch - Mahala, WC-2372, srv Capt Short's Co IL Rangers
  • Wakefield, Israel - Betsey, Old War WF-#19416 Rej, srv Capt Hailey's Co 33rd US Inf as a Pvt
  • Wakefield, John - S0-34803, srv Capt Wm Torrey's Co MA Mil
  • Wakefield, John A. ALIAS Wakefield, Allen - Harriet, WC-35493, SC-16758, srv Capt Jacob Short's Co IL Mil and Capt Demit's Co IL Vols (US Rangers)
  • Wakefield, Lemi (or Semei) - Annis, WC-29184, SC-10948, srv Capt Jacob Short's Co IL Mil
  • Wakefield, Simon - Submit, W0-3093, srv Capt Talcott's Co NY Mil
  • Wakefield, Thomas - Pvt, Old War IA-R22398 IN 10 Aug 1883, See Mex War S-#21847 & SC-18380, Reb I-O #845802
  • Wakefield, William - Abigail, WC-16005, srv on the staff of Gen John Thomas in the KY Mil
  • Wakefield, William - Old War IF-#25897, srv Capt Joseph McClaskey's Co KY Mil as a Cpl
  • Wakefield, William - Betsey, W0-19257, srv Capt Jacob Davis' CO ME Mil
  • Wakefield, William - Old War IF-#21027, srv Capt Haley's Co US Inf as a Pvt in 1813
  • Wakefield, William - Pvt, widow Amey, Old War WC-1878, file #11717 AR, Mex War serv
  • Hester, William - Devian (Wakefield) 2nd wife, WC-12805, Old War IC-1169 file #13382, m 13 Oct 1846 Roane Cty TN, sd 14 Sep 1867, srv Capt Joseph Everett's Co TN Mil as a Pvt, widow lived Roane Cty TN 1869-78, 1st wife Christina (Riggs)


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