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1850 Federal Census

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Wakefield, William
Wakefield, Sarah
Wakefield, Henry
Wakefield, John A
Wakefield, Albert
Wakefield, Nancy
Wakefield, Emily
Wakefield, Whitty
Wakefield, Julia A
Wakefield, Mona D
Wakefield, Sarah
in Hancock County, IL

Conmann, Jacob
Conmann, Jane
Conmann, Josiah
Conman, Edward
Wakefield, Mahala
Wakefield, Mary A
in St. Clair County, IL

Mahala and Mary living with Conmann family. Perhaps Jane is daughter of Mahala.

Wakefield, James
Wakefield, Ann
Wakefield, Eliza
Wakefield, William
Wakefield, Alonzo
Wakefield, Josiah
Wakefield, Eliza
Wakefield, James
Townsend, Eliza
Kincade, Elizabeth
in Marshall County, IL


Wakefield, William
Wakefield, Mary
Wakefield, William F
in Bartholomew County, IN

Ellis and Davis families living adjacent to Wakefields.

Wakefield, James
Wakefield, Eliza
Wakefield, Robert
Wakefield, Jacob
Wakefield, Rebecca
Wakefield, Evaline
Wakefield, Thomas
in Switzerland County, IN


Wakefield, Thomas R
Wakefield, Mary
Wakefield, Thomas A
Wakefield, Marurette
in Boone County, KY

Fox Family living next to Wakefields. Thomas Fox and Alice Fox are living with Thomas and Mary in 1860.


Wakefield, John A (Justice of Peace)
Wakefield, Eliza
Wakefield, Martha Ann
Chace, Emily
Wakefield, Eliza J
Wakefield, William Harrison J
Wakefield, John A
Wakefield, Thomas Jefferson
in Minnesota Territory


Wakefield, George
Wakefield, Joanna
Wakefield, John
Wakefield, Almeda
Wakefield, Martha
Wakefield, Dianna
Wakefield, Rhuthie
Wakefield, George
in Bates County, Missouri


Wakefield, Rosana
Hamilton County, OH


Wakefield, Joseph
Wakefield, Maria Ann
Wakefield, William Thos.
Wakefield, James H
Wakefield, John M
Wakefield, Charles W
Wakefield, Martin
Wakefield, Martha J E
Wakefield, Lucinda
Wakefield, Nelson A
Ables, Racheal

Wakefield, Thomas
Wakefield, Elizabeth
Wakefield, Fielding J.
Wakefield, George H.
Wakefield, Lucy E.
Wakefield, Nancy L.
Wakefield, Thomas E.
in Franklin County, Tennessee

Wakefield, W J W
Wakefield, Malessa
Wakefield, Minerva J
Wakefield, John A
Wakefield, Jesse P
Wakefield, Sally Amanda
Wakefield, William L
Wakefield, Susan M
Wakefield, Martha F
Wakefield, Thomas W
Blackwell, James
in Bedford County, TN

Wakefield, E J
Wakefield, Sarah D
Wakefield, Thomas N
Wakefield, Jane C
Rice, Thomas S
in Lauderdale County, TN


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