Monday, July 28, 2008

Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds

The following Wakefield references were present in the Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds. The abstract was created from records in the Abbeville, South Carolina Courthouse and was compiled by Willie Pauline Young in 1950.

On page 341:

Wakefield, Thomas - Box 96, Pack 2368

Estate Administrator Sept. 5, 1825 by Hezekiah Wakefield, James A. Black, John Osburn onto Moses Taggart Ord. Abbeville District sum $4,000.00.

Inventory made Sept. 15, 1825 by Richard Robinson, Archibald Maddison, John Calahan.

Expend: Nov 6, 1827 paid Abel Wakefield $712.91, John Davis $712.91, Samuel Wakefield $712.91, Jane Wakefield 19.56 1/4.

Byrs: John Wakefield, Hezekiah Wakefield, etc.

Wakefield, Hezekiah - Box 102, Pack 2518

Estate Administrator Dec. 21, 1843 by Conrad Wakefield, John Wakefield, Samuel C. Fisher, John F. Clinkscales, James A. Gantt unto David Lesly Ord. Abbeville District sum $20,0000.00.

John Wakefield was son of Hezekiah Wakefield.

Inventory made in Anderson District by Silas W. Kay, Walter C. Dickson, John Grubbs.

Settlement made Feb. 23, 1847.

Present John Wakefield, son and administrator. Cynthia Ann Wakefield the widow. Samuel C. Fisher who married Rhoda Wakefield, a daughter, Jonathan Pearmon who married Lete Wakefield, a daughter, Conrad Wakefield, John F. Clinkscales who married Elizabeth C. Wakefield, a daughter, James A. Gannt, grandson of Isabella E. Wakefield, James A. Wakefield, Benjamin F. Wakefield, Martin F. Wakefield, Eleanor A. Wakefield. Absent Thomas A. Wakefield, Andrew J. Wakefield.

Crayton, Mary - Box 23, Pack 516

Will dated Mar. 29, 1834 in Abbeville District proved Aug. 31, 1841.

Exrs: Henry Weed, Hezekiah Wakefield.
Witness: Benjamin Griffin, James A. Gantt, Jno. L. Wright.
Children: Samuel, Thomas, William Crayton, Easter Reed.
Grandchildren: Mary Jane, Balis Franklin children of Samuel Crayton. Mary, daughter of Easter Reed.
Expend: Thomas Crayton a minor received $100.00 from his grandmother's estate Dec. 10, 1842. Received of Thomas L. Reed $26.00, Henry Reed received $32.62 1/2 Oct. 15, 1841, Alfred E. Reed received $50.00.

Fisher, Thomas - Box 36, Pack 772

Est. Admnr. Nov. 25, 1839 by Samuel C. Fisher, Hezekiah Wakefield, Conrad Wakefield bound to Moses Taggart Ord. Abbeville District sum $10,000.00. Cit. pub. at Little River Creek Church. Sett. made Sept. 22, 1845. Present, S. C. Fisher, admnr., Elizabeth Fisher wid., Wilson Ashley and wife Jane, Jno. W. Shirley and wife Lucinda, Jno. Ashley and wife Jemimah, Joshua S. Barnes and wife Nancy, Jno. M. Bryant and wife Elizabeth A. Bryant, Jno., Polly A., Cintha C., Thos. F., Jas. Fisher minors, the first two over and the last under 14 yrs.


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