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Ethel Wakefield

Ethel Wakefield, daughter of Isaac Wakefield and Emma Means, was born on October 9, 1883. She married twice and had one daughter, Falba Brindley. Based on her obituary I believe she was married to Paul Brindley then Guilford Means. In effort to try and put some dates around these marriages I investigated Ethel and her spouses a little more closely.

1. Ethel was married first to Clyde A. Brindley. Unsure if Paul was a nickname for Clyde or just a mistake in the obituary.

2. Ethel was married second to Gilford Means. Guilford is what appeared in the obituary for Ethel and actually appears in the WWI Draft card as Guilford. It is possible that over the years Gilford dropped the 'u' from his name but based on the 1900 census where he is listed as Gilford in his parent's household I am assuming that Gilford is the correct spelling.

3. Ethel was divorced from Clyde during the 1920s as Ethel is found with her daughter Falba and her husband in the 1930 census and Clyde is alone found in Hamilton County, Ohio.

4. Gilford and Ethel married sometime after 1930 and before 1942 as Gilford lists Ethel as his wife on his WWII draft card.

5. Gilford's marriage to Ethel was his second. He was first married to Angie May Wendel. She was present on the 1920 census with Gilford and their son, Earl, but passed away sometime in the 1920s as Gilford is shown as widowed in the 1930 census.

6. Based on a few user trees that have been submitted to Ancestry it is believed they were married on 24 Jan 1906 in Shelby County, Indiana.


Clyde Brindley's WWI Draft Card

1920 Census - Clyde Brindley Family

1930 Census - Ethel Brindley with her daughter's Shadday Family

1930 Census - Clyde Brindley

1900 Census - Gilford Means with Parents

Gilford Means WWI Draft Card

1920 Census - Gilford Means Family

1930 Census - Gilford and Earl Means

Gilford Means WWII Draft Card


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