Sunday, September 28, 2008

Morganton Register


While I was at the Burke County, NC library in Morganton, I had the opportunity to meet library volunteer and fellow genealogist Sandy West while doing my research. I was excited to hear that Sandy and fellow Burke County genealogist are documenting and researching the contents of a priceless Morganton store register from the 1790s. I was able to see the register first hand while Sandy reviewed entries for her research. I later reviewed some of the research that have been completed and found several references to Wakefields in the book. I recall seeing Henry Wakefield in the book several times. It was quite an honor to be able to see it knowing there are Wakefield entries in the book.

Once further progress has been made on their research, Sandy said she would provide me information on the Wakefield entries. I will inturn provide her with a Wakefield narrative on the individuals and families listed in the book. Quite an unexpected and exciting development.

Sandy West reviewing register entries.

The register was found in ol' outhouse!

A page from the register.


Dawn said...

Chris - I've been researching my Wakefield genealogy for years and recently started looking for info again as I'm planning a trip to Smith Co. TN this summer. I am a descendent of Henry Wakefield (Silas B - Andrew - John - Thomas - Me) and have a lot of family group sheets for all of the American Wakefields - so if you have any gaps please ask me and I can see about filling them. I was wondering if you've been able to link to our UK ancestors? All I know is that we are descended from the two brothers - John and Thomas - who came here in 1635. I'd love to hear from you! Dawn Wakefield Sullivan

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