Saturday, January 05, 2008

Wakefields referenced in History of Greene County (Indiana)

In the History of Greene County (Indiana) book William Wakefield was referenced in an article that appeared in the Worthington Gazette of April 26 (page 121). William Wakefield was listed as a lieutenant for a company of 70 men that were raised in Linton of Greene County. The article stated that this entire company was raised in Stockton Township. Other offers listed with William were Capt. G. W. Kelshaw and Lieutenant A. P. Forsyth. Note: It is not know what year this occurred but it is believe to be in 1861 or 1862.

On page 134, James B. Wakefield is referenced as a soldier wounded during the Civil War. James was wounded in Chancellorsville, front of Petersburg.

On page 148, J. D. Wakefield is referenced as a soldier killed in combat. J. D. was a member of Company E of the Fifty-ninth Regiment and died in 1862.


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