Friday, January 04, 2008

Walter C. Wakefield SSN Application

In December of 1936 the first Social Security cards were issued as a result of the Social SecurityAct that was passed in 1935. Over two years after the first cards were issued, Walter C. Wakefield filed his application for a social security number and card.

Employee's Name: Walter Craig Wakefield
Street and Number: Hanover College
Post Office: Hanover
State: Indiana
Business Name of Present Employer: Leslie Colvin, Agent
Business Address of Present Employer: 507 Board at Trade Bldg. Indpls., Ind.
Age at Last Birthday: 42
Date of Birth: April 19, 1896
Place of Birth: Warsaw, Kentucky (Gallatin County)
Father's Full Name: Isac Farris Wakefield (This is how name appears on application)
Mother's Full Name: Anna Boggs
Sex: M
Color: White
Give date you became an employee: 12-20-1938
Have you filled out a card like this before? No
Date Signed: 12-21-1938


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