Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Davis Family Pictures

Recently, I have been doing more research on our Franklin County, Indiana ancestors in an effort to better understand the families from this area and their history in the hopes that it may lead to a breakthrough in regards to James Wakefield's parents. No breakthrough yet but I did come across the following pictures of Davis and Wakefield family members posted on the Franklin County rootsweb site by Frank Dickson of Napavine, Washington. Frank, if you are out there, I would love to talk to you.

Sitting (L to R): Jonathan Davis and William Henry Davis
Standing (L to R): Levi Davis and Henry Davis

These four men are children of Thorton Davis and Sarah Wakefield.

Sitting (L to R): George Davis, Sarah (Higgs) Davis, William Davis, Stella Davis
Standing (L to R): Captora Davis, John Davis, Andrew Davis, Henry Davis, and Debra Davis.

If you look on page 11 of the Davis and Wakefield book by Laura A. Davis Shoptaugh you will find the family of William Davis and Sarah Higgs. The following is from the book:

William Davis (Thorton Davis (2), Travis Davis (1)) was born in Franklin County, Indiana in 1836 and died around 1912 and was buried in Montana. He married Sarah Higgs, daughter of Samuel and Lavica (Wakefield) Higgs. Around 1869, they moved to a farm 4 miles north of Unionville in Putnam County, Missouri. Around 1885 or 1886 they moved to southeast Putnum County. Later they moved to Montana.

William and Sarah had the following children:
1. John Davis - b. 1858? and married Lucy Jump, b. 1860.
2. Elnora Davis - b. 2/22/1860 and married 8/23/1880 to Simon Howard, b. 1859. They resided in Sidney, Montana.
3. Captoria Davis - b. 2/22/1860 and married 6/2/1876 to Uriah Dooley. Captoria died 9/14/1950.
4. Deborah Davis - b. 1864 and married 12/19/1885 to Samuel Dooley, b. 1858. They moved to Montana.
5. George Davis - b. 1866 and never married.
6. Andrew Davis - b. 9/27/1867 and married Maggie Blachter. They lived in Nebraska and later in Culbertson, Montana.
7. Rosetta Davis - b. 1870? and died young.
8. Henry Davis - b. 1871? and married 12/14/1891 to Sally Jump, b. 1873.


  • Uriah and Samuel Dooley were sons of Jacob Dooley and Margaret Wakefield. Margaret was the daughter of William Wakefield.

Frank Dickson added information about the people in the photos. The information needs to be validated but it does provide more details.

  • William Davis born Jun 29, 1834 and died Nov 1, 1910.
  • Sara (Higgs) Davis died Mar 5, 1910 and her parents are listed as Truman and Deborah Sullivan Higgs. At this time I am more apt to believe her parents are Samuel and Lavica Higgs.
  • John Davis born Feb 8, 1859 and died Mar 8, 1918.
  • Captora Davis born Feb 22, 1860 and died Sep 13, 1950.
  • Debra Davis born Feb 23, 1864 and died Jan 25, 1931.
  • Andrew Davis born Sep 27, 1866 and died Apr 11, 1957.
  • Stella Davis born Jan 25, 1868 and died Dec 6, 1916.
  • George Davis born Dec 10, 1870.
  • Henry Davis born Feb 23, 1873 and died in 1917.

You may recall my posting a few months back on the Davis and Wakefield families in the Franklin County area. These are some of the people I mentioned in that post.


Chris Hart said...

Sent a letter to Frank after I found his address online. The letter bounced back as undeliverable a few days ago. This could mean Frank has moved and did not provide a forwarding address or he has passed away. I hope it is not the latter but considering the posts for the Davis pictures were made some time ago (90s) and his email account is no longer valid it does not look good. I will continue to try and track down Frank and/or his descendents.


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