Friday, March 28, 2008

Wakefields of the South's Source Material: Index

The following is a list of names that appear in the index of the source material for the Wakefields of the South. It does not include page numbers as it took a few weeks just to type this list. The index begins on page 221 and continues to page 281.

I typed up this list so that you and I can search on the names that are included in the source material. When time permits I may add the page numbers. I would gladly accept and post an updated index with pages numbers if I am provided one.

Abee, Mrs. Frank L.
Abbercrumbie, James
Abbott, Elizabeth
Abbott, James
Abbott, Mattie P.
Abbott, T. C.
Acker, Demorie E. (Barmore)
Acker, William B.
Adams, B. P.
Adams, Frances
Adams, R. E.
Agnew, A. C.
Agnew, Andrew
Agnew, Elizabeth
Agnew, James
Agnew, Jane
Agnew, Larkin C.
Agnew, Larkin F.
Agnew, Lucia
Agnew, Malinda (Dodson)
Agnew, Margaret
Agnew, Margaret L.
Agnew, Mary
Agnew, Mary Jane (Barmore)
Agnew, Nancy Ophelia (Barmore)
Agnew, Samuel
Agnew, Capt. S.
Agnew, W. E.
Alewine, C. L.
Alewine, E. E.
Alewine, Elizabeth
Alewine, J. A.
Alewine, J. C.
Alewine, J. H.
Alewine, J. Clark
Alewine, Jacob
Alewine, James Calvin
Alewine, John A.
Alewine, John D.
Alewine, John Thomas
Alewine, Lena S. Banister
Alewine, Lizzie
Alewine, Lois May
Alewine, Lon
Alewine, M. J.
Alewine, M. L.
Alewine, Margaret
Alewine, Marion F.
Alewine, Martha Jane
Alewine, Mathis
Alewine, Maude Verner
Alewine, Michael
Alewine, Miriam Pearman
Alewine, N. G.
Alewine, N. L.
Alewine, Nannie G.
Alewine, Nancy Lementine
Alewine, P. T.
Alewine, P. J. McWhorter
Alewine, S. A.
Alewine, S. P.
Alewine, S. Parlee
Alewine, Sarah
Alewine, Thenie Pauline
Alewine, W. M.
Alewine, W. F.
Alewine, W. David
Alewine, Willie Reed
Alewine, William M. W.
Alexander, David
Alexander, James
Allen, Allison J.
Allen, Amee
Allen, Anderson
Allen, B. G.
Allen, Bulah D.
Allen, Elizabeth (Clayton)
Allen, Eliza.
Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Henrietta J.
Allen, J. D.
Allen, James F.
Allen, Mary
Allen, Mary S.
Allen, Nancy (Watkins)
Allen, Rebecca
Allen, T. W.
Allen, W. H.
Allen, W. M.
Allen, Will
Allen, Capt. Willie
Anderson, Jane Williams
Anderson, Major T. F.
Anderson, Etta
Anderson, J. A.
Anderson, Jeannetta
Arledge, Agnes
Arledge, Clement
Arledge, Ely
Arledge, Lucy (Featherston)
Armstrong, Andrew Cowan
Armstrong, E. E.
Armstrong, Elizabeth
Armstrong, Essie
Armstrong, Eugenia Clinkscales
Armstrong, Fanny
Armstrong, James A.
Armstrong, John B.
Armstrong, Mary L.
Armstrong, Paul
Armstrong, R. H.
Armstrong, W. C.
Armstrong, William
Armstrong, William Cowan
Ashford, Hannah (Hollingsworth)
Ashley, Anna Margaret
Ashley, Anna W.
Ashley, Bessie Farmer
Ashley, C. V.
Ashley, Dasy Moore
Ashley, Henry N.
Ashley, Iva J.
Ashley, J. N.
Ashley, Jane Fisher
Ashley, John H.
Ashley, John W.
Ashley, Josephine C.
Ashley, Joshua
Ashley, Kara Lee
Ashley, L. S.
Ashley, Lela
Ashley, M. S.
Ashley, M. Calvin
Ashley, Mary A.
Ashley, Nanie P. McWhorter
Ashley, Polly
Ashley, Polly Ann
Ashley, R. A.
Ashley, Sarah
Ashley, Rev. Wilson
Atkins, John
Bacon, Lydell
Bagwell, Martin
Bailey, Joshua
Bailey, Zachariah
Balentine, Malease
Ball, John
Banister, J. H.
Banister, Johnnie Luis
Banister, Lena S.
Banister, Newton A.
Banister, Susan Caroline
Barmore, Asy
Barmore, Bemoris E.
Barmore, Eliza
Barmore, Elizabeth
Barmore, Enoch
Barmore, George
Barmore, Hibernia E.
Barmore, James
Barmore, John Donald, Sr.
Barmore, Larkin
Barmore, Lucy (Dodson)
Barmore, Malinda
Barmore, Margaret
Barmore, Mary
Barmore, Mary Jane
Barmore, Molly
Barmore, Nancy
Barmore, Nancy (Dodson)
Barmore, Nancy (M. McGee)
Barmore, Nancy Ophelia
Barmore, Pamela
Barmore, Pamela H.
Barmore, Peter
Barmore, Polly
Barmore, Sally
Barmore, Tryphena
Barmore, Tryphosa
Barmore, William
Barmore, William Colvin
Barmore, William E.
Barnard, Jeremiah
Barnard, Mary (Passmore)
Barnet, D. J.
Bates, Fleming
Bell, Permelia Haseltine Pratt
Bell, Phoebe Minerva Pratt
Bell, P. N.
Bell, W. A. C.
Bell, W. S.
Bennett, Bettie
Bennett, Elizabeth Y.
Bennett, Lizzie
Bennett, William
Barnes, John
Benton, S.
Benton, Samuel
Benton, T. H.
Berger, Alma Fields
Beswill, Robert
Betts, Abraham
Betts, Bridgett
Betts, Dorinda J.
Betts, Ebey
Betts, Elizabeth
Betts, Elizabeth (Fondering)
Betts, Ira Ellis
Betts, Isaac
Betts, Jacob
Betts, Jane
Betts, Jeney
Betts, Jonathan
Betts, Jonathan Marron
Betts, Joshua
Betts, Josalila
Betts, Lovick
Betts, Mary
Betts, Nellie Garrison
Betts, Rachel
Betts, Redick
Betts, Samuel
Betts, Sarah
Betts, Zoda Byrd
Bibb, Patsey
Bigby, Alcipia E.
Bigby, Emily E.
Bigby, George
Bigby, George M.
Bigby, James A.
Bigby, John W.
Bigby, Martha C.
Bigby, Mary Ann
Bigby, Mary Ann Fletcher
Bigby, Servitae
Bigby, Thomas S.
Bigby, William A.
Biggs, John
Bimbo, Sallie
Black, Charley
Black, Lottie
Black, Lou
Black, J. H.
Black, Nannie
Black, Virginia
Blaken, Nancy (Watkins)
Blake, A. L.
Blake, Edwin
Blake, Harold
Blake, Harriet Williams
Blake, M. McL.
Blake, Mary
Blake, W. Swanzy
Blackley, William, Jr.
Bolan, James Edward
Bolan, Mrs. J. E.
Boler, Nathaniel
Bonds, F. M.
Bonds, Isam Reece
Bonds, J. J.
Bonds, N. L.
Bonds, R. Lelia Pettigrew
Bonds, S. M.
Bonds, Sarah E. Hall
Booth, Zachariah
Bowen, Amanda
Bowen, Ann Stucky
Bowen, Henry W. Jr.
Bowen, John Wesley
Bowen, Julia
Bowen, M. M.
Bowen, M. Minerva
Bowen, Sarah Katherine
Bowen, T. J.
Bowen, W. Edgar
Bowman, Mary L. Armstrong
Bowman, J. Y.
Boyd, Catherine
Bradley, John William
Bralder, Robert E.
Bramlet, Mattie Jameson
Brandon, Polly
Branson, David
Branson, Eli
Branson, Jemima
Branson, John
Branson, Kewiah
Branson, Mary
Branson, Nsomi
Branson, Rebecca
Branson, Thomas
Branyan, Alleye
Branyan, Gertna
Branyan, J. L.
Branyan, James S.
Branyan, Luther
Branyan, Missouri A.
Branyan, R. O.
Branyan, Walker
Branyon, Elizabeth L.
Branyon, J. G. E.
Branyon, Dr. A.
Branyon, John M.
Branyon, Reuben
Branyon, Richard Alexander
Branyon, Rosannah
Breazeale, Alice J. (Wakefield)
Breazeale, Alma Othella Williams
Breazeale, Alice Smith
Breazeale, Archabold
Breazeale, B. S.
Breazeale, Benjamin Franklin
Breazeale, Caroline
Breazeale, Caroline Elizabeth
Breazeale, Drury
Breazeale, Drury, Sr.
Breazeale, Elisha
Breazeale, Enoch
Breazeale, F. K.
Breazeale, George Washington
Breazeale, Griffin
Breazeale, Hamutal
Breazeale, Huldah
Breazeale, J. A.
Breazeale, Kinsman
Breazeale, Kennon
Breazeale, Louise Martin
Breazeale, Mary
Breazeale, Pallie
Breazeale, Polly
Breazeale, R. A.
Breazeale, Rutha
Breazeale, S. W.
Breazeale, Sarah
Breazeale, W. Fred
Breazeale, William A.
Breazeale, Willis
Briant, Nancy Emily
Briant, William L.
Brice, Henry
Bridges, J. A.
Bridges, James A.
Bridges, James E.
Bridges, James R.
Bridges, Janie
Bridges, Louisa
Bridges, Othella
Bridges, S.
Bright, Esther G. (Ellis)
Bright, Oscar P.
Brock, George
Brock, Joseph
Brock, R. E.
Brock, S. E.
Brock, Sely M.
Brock, William Orville
Brown(e), Dr. B. F.
Brown(e), Dorothy Tanner (Ellis)
Brown(e), E. A.
Brown(e), Elizabeth
Brown(e), G. N.
Brown(e), Hugh Alexander
Brown(e), Col. J. H.
Brown(e), Judge, James F.
Brown(e), John Jr.
Brown(e), Gov. Joseph E.
Brown(e), Margaret (Morrow)
Brown(e), S. A.
Brown(e), Dr. W. C.
Brownley, Maledda (Barmore)
Broyles, Edward
Broyles, Osa R.
Broyles, Sarah Ann (Talliaferro)
Broyles, Zachariah
Bruce, A. B.
Bruce, Abner B.
Bruce, A. Burton
Bruce, George W.
Bryant, A.
Bryant, Amanda
Bryant, John M.
Bryant, L. E.
Buchanan, Abigail
Buchanan, Agnes
Buchanan, Andrew L.
Buchanan, Anna
Buchanan, B. J.
Buchanan, Ben
Buchanan, Bernard
Buchanan, Clarey
Buchanan, Drucilla
Buchanan, Ebeneser
Buchanan, Ebeneser Newton
Buchanan, Elizabeth
Buchanan, Elizabeth Black
Buchanan, Elizabeth Salomie (McNinch)
Buchanan, Ephriam
Buchanan, Francis A.
Buchanan, George
Buchanan, George A. B.
Buchanan, Harriet C.
Buchanan, Harry E.
Buchanan, Isabella
Buchanan, Iva E.
Buchanan, James
Buchanan, James W.
Buchanan, Jane
Buchanan, Jane E.
Buchanan, Jesse
Buchanan, John
Buchanan, John O.
Buchanan, James, Col.
Buchanan, Joseph
Buchanan, Lucy
Buchanan, Maria
Buchanan, Margaret
Buchanan, Marget
Buchanan, Martha
Buchanan, Martha W.
Buchanan, Martheu (Newton)
Buchanan, Martheu
Buchanan, Mary
Buchanan, Mary C.
Buchanan, Mary Jane (Stowe)
Buchanan, Micajah
Buchanan, Mildred
Buchanan, Nancy
Buchanan, Patse
Buchanan, Polly
Buchanan, Rebecca
Buchanan, Robert
Buchanan, Robert B.
Buchanan, Robert E.
Buchanan, Robert Jasper
Buchanan, Samuel
Buchanan, Samuel M.
Buchanan, Sarah
Buchanan, Sarah W. (Johnson)
Buchanan, Sariah
Buchanan, Susannah
Buchanan, Thomas
Buchanan, William
Buchanan, William, Jr.
Buchanan, William J.
Buchanan, William M.
Buchanan, William Robertus
Burden, Benjamin
Burke, James
Burke, Susan (Younger)
Burkett, Henry
Burress, Nannie Louise
Burress, William
Burress, Wilton Osceola
Burton, A. C.
Burton, Caleb
Burton, Carrie Lee
Burton, Dicy
Burton, Emma Josephine
Burton, Eva
Burton, Frank Lee
Burton, H. M.
Burton, W. F.
Burton, Jane
Burton, Jane (Clinkscales)
Burton, Jesse
Burton, John A.
Burton, Joseph F.
Burton, M. K.
Burton, N. L.
Burton, Ollie Bonner
Burton, P. L.
Burton, P. S.
Burton, P. Jason
Burton, S. E.
Burton, W. L.
Burton, William
Burts, R. W.
Buse, Maria Buchanan
Byers, John
Byers, Tempy (Watkins)
Caldwell, Robert
Caldwill, John
Callaham, Annie Elizabeth
Callaham, Basie
Callaham, Basil
Callaham, Carrie Loas
Callaham, D. P.
Callaham, David
Callaham, E. E.
Callaham, Elizabeth
Callaham, Essie E.
Callaham, E. A. Hendricks
Callaham, J. A.
Callaham, J. W.
Callaham, Jaimie Gus
Callaham, James M.
Callaham, Jane
Callaham, John
Callaham, John L.
Callaham, Lula Kate
Callaham, Luther E.
Callaham, Margaret Elenor
Callaham, Margaret K.
Callaham, Mary E.
Callaham, Mary L.
Callaham, Melzie Lee
Callaham, Nannie Hester
Callaham, Nancy
Callaham, R. L.
Callaham, Rosa E.
Callaham, Sammie E.
Callaham, S. A.
Callaham, S. M.
Callaham, Samuel J.
Callaham, Sara Hester
Callaham, S. L.
Callaham, Sariah
Callaham, Sarah
Callaham, Sarah G.
Callaham, Wayman Hopper
Callaham, Zobedia Branyon
Camp, C. C.
Camp, J. W.
Camp, Foster Babb
Campbell, Absolen P.
Campbell, A. F.
Campbell, Bertie Bell
Campbell, Frances (Clinkscales)
Campbell, Harry Thalkeld
Campbell, Louisa
Campbell, Ophelia Brissey
Campbell, Rob
Carpenter, A. M.
Carpenter, F. G.
Carpenter, Nancy Wilson
Carson, Eleanor
Carson, John
Carson, Mary
Cartee, Sam W.
Carter, Juda
Carter, Nancy M.
Carter, Reuben
Carwile, A. E.
Carwile, A. F.
Carwile, A. P.
Carwile, Adison Franklin
Carwile, Anna
Carwile, Anna Walker
Carwile, C. H.
Carwile, Claudia
Carwile, Elizabeth
Carwile, Ella McClain
Carwile, Emily Louisa
Carwile, Ephigenia M.
Carwile, F. A.
Carwile, Fannie
Carwile, Frank
Carwile, J. K.
Carwile, J. M.
Carwile, James Boyce
Carwile, James M.
Carwile, Jim P.
Carwile, John Jones
Carwile, Joseph
Carwile, Josie Martin
Carwile, L. A.
Carwile, L. S.
Carwile, Lula K.
Carwile, M. J.
Carwile, M. Elizabeth
Carwile, Margaret J. Pratt
Carwile, Mariah
Carwile, Mara
Carwile, Nellie Elizabeth Temple
Carwile, Ola May
Carwile, S. S.
Carwile, W. Julian
Casey, Barbara
Casey, Nancy Dalrymple
Casey, O. W.
Casey, Oliver W.
Catlett, James D.
Catlett, John
Catlett, Lucy
Catlett, Wm. W.
Chambers, William
Chandler, Jacob
Chandler, William
Charleton, Thomas
Cheatham, John
Cheavenworth, Williver
Cherry, David
Cherry, Samuel
Christopher, W. W.
Clamp, Elizabeth
Clamp, Henry H.
Clamp, J. H.
Clamp, Joicy Ursula
Clamp, Mary Jane
Clamp, S. A.
Clamp, Thomas J.
Clardy, Frances (Richardson)
Clardy, Malinda
Clark, Alex.
Clark, Annie E. Hall
Clark, Benj.
Clark, Robert
Clark, Robert H.
Clayton, Edith
Clayton, Elizabeth
Clayton, George
Clayton, John
Clayton, Lisy
Clayton, Mary Jane (Miller)
Clayton, Philip
Clayton, Samuel
Clement, Allen Williams
Clement, Elizabeth Williams
Clement, Mary
Clement, Luther E.
Clement, Priscilla (Clinkscales)
Clement, W. K.
Clinkscales, Abner
Clinkscales, Abner Lewis
Clinkscales, Addison
Clinkscales, Adeline
Clinkscales, Alexander Evina
Clinkscales, Amaziah P.
Clinkscales, Asa
Clinkscales, Benjamin Thadeus
Clinkscales, Betty Clinkscales
Clinkscales, C.
Clinkscales, Carrie Louis
Clinkscales, Christopher O.
Clinkscales, Elizabeth
Clinkscales, Elizabeth A., Mrs.
Clinkscales, Ella S., Mrs.
Clinkscales, Elmira
Clinkscales, Elvira S.
Clinkscales, Eugenia
Clinkscales, Fleetwood
Clinkscales, Francis
Clinkscales, Francis B.
Clinkscales, H. L.
Clinkscales, H. R.
Clinkscales, Ibran
Clinkscales, Isabel E.
Clinkscales, J.
Clinkscales, J. F.
Clinkscales, J. W.
Clinkscales, James Bryson
Clinkscales, Jane
Clinkscales, Jane B.
Clinkscales, John
Clinkscales, John F.
Clinkscales, John R.
Clinkscales, Kittie Haddon
Clinkscales, Levi
Clinkscales, Levi Newton
Clinkscales, Margaret E. (Ellis)
Clinkscales, Margaret V.
Clinkscales, Martha E.
Clinkscales, Mary
Clinkscales, Mary E.
Clinkscales, Mary Frank
Clinkscales, Milton Bryson
Clinkscales, M. Rosella
Clinkscales, Olin E.
Clinkscales, Polly
Clinkscales, Priscilla
Clinkscales, Reuben W.
Clinkscales, Reubin
Clinkscales, Robert Marshall
Clinkscales, Sally
Clinkscales, Sarah Aloansa
Clinkscales, Silas Wesley
Clinkscales, Thrissa
Clinkscales, Thomas Leftwich
Clinkscales, William Berry
Clinkscales, William F.
Clinkscales, William Franklin
Cobb, Ada E.
Cobb, Elizabeth P.
Cobb, Ellender Caroline
Cobb, Henry
Cobb, Henry G. W.
Cobb, James
Cobb, L. B.
Cobb, Thomas
Cochran, James
Cochran, John M.
Cochran, Mary
Cochran, Nancy
Coker, Anna L.
Coker, Claudia
Coker, Lila
Collier, John
Collier, Joseph
Collins, Andrew
Collins, Elizabeth (Betts)
Collins, George
Collins, Jean
Collins, Rapody (Shirley)
Collins, Sarah (Betts)
Conley, Patsey M.
Conner, Lewis
Connor, John
Connor, Mary
Connolly, Mrs. M. V.
Cook, James F.
Cook, Tobias
Cooley, Anna
Cooley, E. M.
Cooley, E. P.
Cooley, Emmutal
Cooley, John J.
Cooley, Wm. M.
Cooper, James
Cooper, Mary (Morrow)
Copeland, J. J.
Copeland, S. E.
Copeland, Wm.
Cothran, Jim T. (Ellis)
Cothran, L. A.
Cothran, Lucy M.
Cothran, M. A.
Cothran, Sarah Clark
Cothran, Thomas P. Jr.
Covington, John B.
Cox, Dora C.
Cox, Fannie L. Poore
Cox, Frances Rogers
Cox, Iva Janette
Cox, J. J.
Cox, James Archie
Cox, J. R.
Cox, Joseph Edgar
Cox, Julia Toby
Cox, Julia Tolly
Cox, R. E.
Cox, R. F.
Cox, T. S.
Cox, Thomas Arthur
Cox, W. B.
Cox, Zula A. Gaines
Crawford, D. A.
Crawford, David Andrew
Crawford, M. A .
Crawford, Roas M.
Crawford, Roasa Nema
Crenshaw, Edith Smith
Crenshaw, J. B.
Crisswell, John
Crisswell, Peggy
Crooks, Mildred
Crouch, Mrs. Minnie Bell
Crow, James M. Pvt.
Crowther, Amy
Crowther, Amy Benton
Crowther, Caleb
Crowther, J.
Crowther, James
Crowther, James, Rev.
Crowther, James Maxey
Crowther, John W.
Crowther, Lucia A.
Crowther, M. E.
Crowther, Malcolm M.
Crowther, Mary
Crowther, Nora E.
Crowther, W. R.
Crowther, Wm.
Crowther, William Fred
Crowther, William Rice
Cummings, Annie Smith
Cummings, J. R.
Cunningham, J. R.
Crymes, Thomas
Darby, Talullah Branyon
Darracott, Docia
Darracott, Martha
Darracott, W. B.
Davenport, Cleveland
Davenport, Isaac
Davenport, J. C.
Davenport, N. C.
Davenport, Sarah E.
Davenport, Tabitha
Davenport, Wm. Thomas
Davis, Aaron
Davis, A. P.
Davis, Della Young
Davis, Ira
Davis, J. B.
Davis, James
Davis, John
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Margaret (Barmore)
Davis, Matilda Emeline
Davison, Thomas
Deal, S. B.
Dean, Minnie Scott
Dean, W. F.
Dendy, Betsey
Dendy, Clarey
Dendy, Daniel
Dendy, James H.
Dendy, Joel
Dendy, John
Dendy, Pressley
Dendy, Sally
Dendy, Thomas
Dendy, William
Dendurant, E. A.
Dendurant, J. T.
Dendurant, Eugene V. Debs
Denny, Jane (Watkins)
Dickinson, Capt. J.
Dickinson, Rosannah Williams
Dixon, H.
Dixon, Martha
Dixon, Mattie Alewine
Docks, Joshua
Dodd, Nathaniel
Dodson, Cassabdrer
Dodson, Elizabeth
Dodson, Enoch
Dodson, J. C.
Dodson, Minnie Pruitt, Mrs.
Dodson, Jane (McGee)
Dodson, Lucy
Dodson, Mahaley
Dodson, Malinda
Dodson, Nancy
Dodson, Polly
Dodson, William
Dolyers, S. W.
Donald, John
Donald, Margaret
Donnald, Bessie Cox
Donnald, Emily
Donnald, John
Donnald, Margaret
Donnald, Mary
Donnald, Maxey Gregg
Donnald, Robert
Donnald, Capt. Samuel
Donnald, Sam
Donnaldson, T. Q. Col.
Dossett, Ann
Douthit, James C.
Douthit, Sarah E. (Watkins)
Drayton, Jacob
Drennon, Horace
Drinkard, William
Drake, Agnes
Drake, James
Drake, Robert
Duckworth, Ann
Duckworth, Benjamin
Duckworth, Chesley Martin
Duckworth, Daisy Ola
Duckworth, Elizabeth M.
Duckworth, Hester
Duckworth, J. C. Dr.
Duckworth, J. G.
Duckworth, Jacob
Duckworth, Jacob, Jr.
Duckworth, Mary
Duckworth, N.
Duckworth, Nannie Welborn
Duckworth, Pearle
Duckworth, R. M.
Duckworth, Ruth
Duckworth, Thomas
Duckworth, Welborn
Duckworth, William
Dun, Agnes
Dun, Elizabeth
Dun, Ginny
Dun, James
Dun, Margaret
Dun, Polly (McGee)
Dun, Robert
Dun, Sarah
Dun, Samuel
Dun, Thomas
Dun, William
Duncan, Mary Alewine
Duncan, W. E.
Duncan, William
Dunlap, Floyd M.
Dunn, Ada Alconsie
Dunn, Croft William
Dunn, George W.
Dunn, Jane
Dunn, B. Walter
Dunn, R. Walter
Edmondson, Ailsey (Watkins)
Edmondson, Bryant
Edmondson, O. E.
Edwards, James
Elgin, Jane
Elliot, David
Elliot, Dinah
Elliot, James
Elliot, John
Elliot, Joseph
Elliot, Mary
Elliot, Morris
Elliot, P. A.
Elliot, Peter
Elliot, Polly (Younger)
Elliot, Rachel
Elliot, Sarah
Elliot, Susan
Elliot, Waller
Elliot, William
Ellis, “Banna” (McGee)
Ellis, Bertha
Ellis, C.
Ellis, Christopher
Ellis, Clyde Roscoe
Ellis, Daisy Belle (Tanner)
Ellis, Dorothy Tanner
Ellis, Eliza
Ellis, Esse
Ellis, Essie Clinkscales (Tribble)
Ellis, Esther G.
Ellis, Ester Gwendolyn
Ellis, Evan
Ellis, F. E.
Ellis, Frank Nicely
Ellis, Georgianna (McGee)
Ellis, Hibernia E.
Ellis, James T.
Ellis, Jim T.
Ellis, Joe Walter
Ellis, John L.
Ellis, John Pressley
Ellis, John Robert
Ellis, John R.
Ellis, Joseph
Ellis, Louise I.
Ellis, Lula
Ellis, Mahala R.
Ellis, Mary Elizabeth
Ellis, Margaret F.
Ellis, Nelly May (Fisher)
Ellis, Nellie Virginia
Ellis, P. E.
Ellis, Polly Ann
Ellis, R.
Ellis, Robert H.
Ellis, Rosabelle
Ellis, Sallie Urbana (McGee)
Ellis, Sally
Ellis, Sarah Hester Callaham
Ellis, Sarah Urbana
Ellis, Thomas Abner
Ellis, W. N.
Ellis, William
Ellis, William Zack
Ellis, W. Zachariah
Ellis, W. Z.
Ellison, Carrie Lee
Ellison, Deborah
Ellison, Essie
Ellison, G.
Ellison, Joel
Ellison, John M.
Ellison, Louis
Ellison, M. E.
Ellison, Mary
Ellison, Miles
Ellison, Miles Lewis
Ellison, Mary Howard
Ellison, N. R.
Ellison, Sallie
Ellison, Varina Harris
Elrod, William
Emileson, Sarah
Erwin, Edith (Clayton)
Etchison, Jesse
Ezell, James
Featherston, Fanny
Featherston, Howel C.
Featherston, John
Featherston, John, Jr.
Featherston, John, Sr.
Featherston, Lucy
Featherston, Milley
Featherston, Rebecca
Featherston, Richard
Featherston, Sarah
Fenton, Amariah
Ferguson, Andrew
Ferguson, Robert
Fields, Rev. J. L.
Fisher, Allord B.
Fisher, Amaziah M.
Fisher, Annie G.
Fisher, Carrie Parker
Fisher, Ednies
Fisher, Furman
Fisher, Janie Brown
Fisher, James M.
Fisher, J. Ernest
Fisher, John Litton
Fisher, Margaret J.
Fisher, Margyl
Fisher, Mildred
Fisher, Nellie May
Fisher, Samuel M.
Fisher, Stephen J.
Fleming, J. L.
Fleming, Jane Elgin
Fleming, Mary Catherine
Fogg, Ann
Fogg, Mary
Fondering, Elizabeth
Ford, Bobby
Ford, Carrie Stanton
Ford, Fred E.
Ford, Peggy
Ford, Thomas Cannon
Ford, Truman
Ford, W. R.
Forester, Mary Louise
Foster, Mary
Foster, W. J., Rev.
Foster, Walter C.
Franklin, Asa
Franklin, Asy (Brown)
Franklin, James
Franklin, William
Freeman, James L.
French, Allene Clement
French, Jesse L.
Frick(s), Cassey (Watkins)
Frick(s), Esther (Watkins)
Fricks(s), John
Gaddes, Jennie
Gaillard, Samuel D.
Gilliard, Josias
Gaines, Anna Maria
Gaines, L. C.
Gaines, R. E.
Gains, William
Gaither, Thomas
Gambrell, B. P.
Gambrell, Frances A.
Gambrell, Harper
Gambrell, J. M.
Gambrell, J. N.
Gambrell, James M.
Gambrell, James S.
Gambrell, James N.
Gambrell, John P.
Gambrell, John Thomas
Gambrell, L. S.
Gambrell, Lucinda
Gambrell, Lucy F.
Gambrell, M. E. Orr
Gambrell, Mary Ida
Gambrell, Mary Jane
Gambrell, Matthew
Gambrell, Mollie Hughes
Gambrell, Nancy Caroline
Gambrell, Tommie
Gambrell, U. S.
Gambrell, William C.
Gannt, Cador, Rev.
Gannt, Sarah
Garrison, Aaron
Garrison, David
Garrison, Mrs. John W.
Garrison, Martha (Richardson)
Garrison, Matthias
Gassaway, Benjamin
Gassaway, Margaret
Gaston, James N.
Gatewood, Richard
Gattis, John
Gattis, William
Gentry, Nannie Smith
Gentry, Robert Prue
Gibson, Jacob, Sr.
Giddens, Eliza.
Giddens, Louis Cass
Giddens, Sarah R.
Gilbert, Annie Bell Brooks
Gilbert, J. L.
Gilbert, J. M.
Gillespie, Gracie J.
Gillespie, Grady
Gillespie, J. C.
Gilliland, Charity (Richardson)
Gilmer, Charles Clyde
Gilmer, Dora
Gilmer, J.
Gilmer, Robert Lee
Gilmore, George B.
Gilmore, Peachy R.
Glenn, Joseph
Glenn, Rebecca (Buchanan)
Glenn, Spilsby
Glover, Andrew
Godfrey, W. H.
Gordon, Sam L. Sr.
Gordon, Samuel
Gornelly, I.
Graves, Cornelia H.
Gray, A. D. Capt.
Gray, Andrew
Gray, Ann Eliza
Gray, E. D.
Gray, James Monroe
Gray, Mollie, Mrs.
Green, Sallie (Clinkscales)
Greene, David H.
Greene, Mrs. David H.
Grey, M. E.
Grey, Pearl Andrews
Grey, W. B.
Griffin, Edna F.
Griffin, J. A.
Griffin, J. C.
Griffin, James Abner
Griffin, James Vaughan
Griffin, J. V.
Griffin, Jackson
Griffin, John F.
Griffin, L. J.
Griffin, Martha Callaham
Griffin, Mary Asenath (McGee)
Griffin, Mary A.
Griffin, R. Y. H.
Griffin, Roabelle (Ellis)
Grmbles, L. B.
Grmbles, Mary
Grmbles, Sibel
Grumble, Mary
Grumble, Mary Frances
Grumble, L. B.
Grove, Helen
Grubbs, Margaret Elizabeth
Grubbs, Richard
Gunning, David
Gunning, Martha
Gutroy, John
Guyton, J. W.
Guyton, Phoebe (Hollingsworth)
Haddon, A. W.
Haddon, L.
Haddon, Mary Amanda
Halbert, Joel
Hall, Annie May
Hall, Asa, Sr.
Hall, Augusta Ann McAdams
Hall, Dr. Absolom
Hall, C. L.
Hall, Caleb Martin
Hall, Carrie
Hall, Cornelia
Hall, Eliza
Hall, Eliza. J.
Hall, Eliza Morris
Hall, Elizabeth
Hall, Forest G.
Hall, J. B.
Hall, J. F.
Hall, James William
Hall, James Fenton
Hall, Jesse Ernest
Hall, John
Hall, Joniah B.
Hall, L. C.
Hall, Louis P.
Hall, Lura Jane
Hall, Mrs. M. C. L.
Hall, M. H.
Hall, Margaret A.
Hall, Margaret Elizabeth
Hall, Minnie D.
Hall, Martin
Hall, Pallie
Hall, R. H.
Hall, R. M. W.
Hall, Robert H.
Hall, S. A.
Hall, Sallie
Hall, Sarah A. M.
Hall, Serena
Hall, S. M. Price
Hall, Tabitha
Hall, Tobbie
Hall, W. H.
Hall, W. N.
Hall, Wm. Sr.
Hall, William A.
Hall, Winston
Hall, W. S.
Hall, Zachariah
Hammond, A. A.
Hammond, Harriett G.
Haney, Mrs. Louise
Haney, Col. Patrick
Hardy, James W.
Hardy, Miles
Harges, Ann
Harkness, A.
Harkness, Amanda McGee
Harkness, Emma Louisa
Harkness, J. W.
Harkness, John Norris
Harkness, Willie M.
Harlan, Ezekiel
Harlan, Hannah
Harper, Asa
Harper, H. H.
Harper, Holly Reid
Harper, J. E.
Harper, Jepitha
Harper, John
Harper, Mary G.
Harper, Nancy
Harper, Sophronia Hackett
Harper, Violet Smith Rainwater
Harper, Wm.
Harper, Wm. Jr.
Harper, William
Harper, William Judson
Harrington, Nelle Virginia (Ellis)
Harrington, Y. Joe
Harrington, Y. Joe, Jr.
Harrington, Zack Ellis
Harris, Adaline
Harris, D. W. O.
Harris, Ezekiel
Harris, Henry W.
Harris, John
Harris, Minnie W. Allen
Harris, Rhoda (Hollingsworth)
Harris, Thomas
Hatton, John
Havard, David
Havard, John
Havard, John, Jr.
Hawes, Thomas
Hawkins, Andrew
Hawthorne, Polly (Barmore)
Hazlet or Hazelet, Nancy (Morrow)
Heaton, B. T.
Heaton, Jones
Heaton, Samantha Webb
Hemprill, Andrew
Henderson, David
Hendricks, A. Dupree
Hendricks, Ruth
Hereford, A.
Hereford, E. Mattie
Hereford, J.
Herron, Polly (McGee)
Hervey, Isaac
Heyward, Othella L.
Heyward, Ralph
Heyward, Robert
Heyward, Robert C.
Hill, Barbary (Watkins)
Hill, Caroline Elizabeth
Hill, Dennet
Hill, Frances Emeline
Hill, Hamutal (Breazeale)
Hill, Jessey
Hill, John
Hill, Leonard
Hill, Wiley
Hill, William
Hinton, Pozin
Hobbs, Jonathan
Hodges, Elizabeth (Barmore)
Hodges, Rebecca Sophronia
Hogg, E. L.
Hogg, J. B.
Hogg, Jane Robinson
Hogg, John Thomas
Hogg, Louvina
Hogg, Nancy E.
Hogg, Olivia E.
Hogg, Richard D.
Hogg, Thomas
Hogg, Thompson
Holcombe, Kinghen
Holcombe, Mary T.
Holland, C. H.
Holland, Grace King
Holland, Harrison
Holland, Karon Glore
Holland, M. E.
Holland, Mary E. Barton
Holland, Elder Moses
Holland, Nanie
Holland, Rebecca
Holland, W. P.
Holland, Welborn
Holland, Wilsie
Holliday, Claville Gudd
Holliday, Emma N. Pearson
Holliday, J.
Holliday, J. I.
Holliday, J. P., Sr.
Holliday, James Franklin, Jr.
Holliday, Mary Lavina
Holliday, Martha
Hollingsworth, Abraham
Hollingsworth, Absolum
Hollingsworth, Amous
Hollingsworth, Ann
Hollingsworth, Aquilla
Hollingsworth, Benjamin
Hollingsworth, Benjamin, Jr.
Hollingsworth, Daniel
Hollingsworth, Diana
Hollingsworth, Elias
Hollingsworth, Enoch
Hollingsworth, Eunice
Hollingsworth, Hannah
Hollingsworth, Isaac
Hollingsworth, Jacob
Hollingsworth, Jacob, Jr.
Hollingsworth, Joseph H.
Hollingsworth, Maria
Hollingsworth, Martha
Hollingsworth, Mary
Hollingsworth, Milly
Hollingsworth, Perce
Hollingsworth, Phoebe
Hollingsworth, Rhoda
Hord, Anna (Buchanan)
Hord, James
Horton, Claude M.
Horton, J. Manning
Horton, Lucinda Harper
Hoyt, Maggie Bonds
Hoyt, N. L.
Huff, Lemuel J.
Hughes, Susannah
Hunnicutt, Cynthia
Hunnicutt, A. J.
Hunnicutt, Elizabeth Milwee
Hunnicutt, Ellen Shirley
Hunnicutt, Lawrence A.
Hunnicutt, Milley
Hunnicutt, Wm. Neal
Hundley, Jane (Watkins)
Hunt, Thomas
Hunter, Alexander
Hunter, James
Hunter, John
Hunter, Mamie R.
Hunter, Nellie Jolly
Hunter, W. J.
Hutchinson, Carrie Deering
Hutchinson, Jennie Welborn
Hutchinson, Mary (Buchanan)
Hutchinson, Dr. W. S.
Hutton, William
Irby, Charis
Irvin, John
Jackson, G. W.
Jackson, Humphrey
Jamison, Clause Victor
Johnson, Albert
Johnson, Amanda L.
Johnson, C. E.
Johnson, E. B.
Johnson, F. M.
Johnson, Frances
Johnson, George W.
Johnson, Hamutal
Johnson, Hulda (Breazeale)
Johnson, Irene
Johnson, J. W.
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, James A.
Johnson, Peter
Johnson, Samatha Webb
Johnson, W. B.
Jones, Adam Crain
Jones, Alleanor
Jones, C. M.
Jones, Carrie O.
Jones, Clayton
Jones, J. B.
Jones, John T.
Jones, Judah
Jones, Laura M.
Jones, Margaret A.
Jones, Mary (Branson)
Jones, Mary
Jones, N. A.
Jones, Nancy
Jones, R. J.
Jones, Rebe
Jones, Rebecca (Branson)
Jones, Sallie M.
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Wilson
Julian, John
Julian, Peter
Justice, Ann
Kay, A. A.
Kay, Armand (Shirley)
Kay, E. R.
Kay, Elias
Kay, Elizabeth (Clinkscales)
Kay, Elizabeth Ann
Kay, Eudora S.
Kay, Francis W.
Kay, H. E.
Kay, Isabell
Kay, J. B.
Kay, J. E.
Kay, J. R.
Kay, James B.
Kay, James Berry
Kay, James M.
Kay, James W.
Kay, Jane E.
Kay, John
Kay, John, Sr.
Kay, John W.
Kay, Katherine
Kay, Lawrence B.
Kay, Marin
Kay, Mariah
Kay, Martha Jane
Kay, Mary
Kay, Mary Jane
Kay, Morlah
Kay, Mrs. Nancy Ann Moore
Kay, Polly (Clinkscales)
Kay, Reuben
Kay, Robert C.
Kay, Robert M.
Kay, Rosannah
Kay, Rose Ida
Kay, S. D.
Kay, S. E.
Kay, S. S.
Kay, Stephen D.
Kay, U. E.
Kay, W. A.
Kay, Wm.
Kelly, Alfred
Kelly, Ansel
Kelly, Emma
Kelly, Ida Odell
Kelly, John D.
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Mary Ann
Kelly, Moundalee Lander
Kelly, Simpson W.
Kelly, W. N.
Kemp, Ann
Kemp, Elinor
Kemp, Elizabeth
Kemp, Matthew
Kemp, Peter
Kemp, Richard
King, David L.
King, Lottie Link
King, Lou R.
King, Lucinda Rutledge (McGee)
King, Robert
King, Rev. W. H.
King, Rev. W. W.
Kirby, Jacob
Kirkpatrick, Lizzie Shirley
Kirkpatrick, Richard T.
Klugh, P. D.
Knight, J. L.
Lassby, Jennet
Latimer, Mrs. S. A.
Latimer, Tryphosa L. (Barmore)
Latimer, William
Lawborn, Francis
Lawless, Azariah
Laws, George
Lawton, Charles
Lawton, P. F.
Lawton, W. D.
Leach, F. W.
Lee, William
Leverette, Westley
Levis, Samuel, Jr.
Levis, Willis
Lewis, J. B.
Lewis, James G.
Lewis, Jesse P.
Lewis, L. T.
Lewis, Luther Mayne
Lewis, M. W.
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Nettie
Lewis, Robert
Link, A. L.
Link, Ada Barnes
Link, Alice Kay
Link, Ida E.
Link, J. D.
Link, J. J.
Link, John F.
Link, Johnson
Link, Mary F.
Link, M. J. Spruill
Link, Thomas Jackson
Link, W. T.
Linton, Samuel
Littlejohn, Felix M.
Loftis, Dicy E. Ragsdale
Loftis, J. L.
Lloyd, Nancy L.
Logan, Andrew
Logan, John L.
Logan, Rachel (Elliott)
Lollis, Aron H.
Lollis, D.
Lollis, E. C.
Lollis, E. W.
Lollis, Henry F.
Lollis, S.
Lollis, Sallie Hammond
Lomox, Aaron
Loner, Cora Duncan
Loner, D. M.
Loner, David
Loner, Ercye Bell
Loner, J. G.
Loner, John T.
Loner, L. B.
Loner, Paul R.
Loner, Rebecca
Loner, Sarah Louise
Looney, Mary Alice
Looney, N. D.
Looney, Thomas
Low, A. E.
Low, Furman G.
Low, J. B.
Lowe, Alice Elgin
Lowe, J. B.
Lowe, Jane E.
Lowe, John B.
Lowe, L. H.
Lowe, Mary
Lowe, Mrytle S.
Lowless, Essie
Lowless, James
Lyon, Ginny (Dunn)
McAdams, Annie Marie
McAdams, Beulah
McAdams, Christian Hill
McAdams, E. A.
McAdams, Elvira Bowen
McAdams, Jones
McAdams, Julia E.
McAdams, M. A.
McAdams, Margaret
McAdams, Mary A. Barton
McAdams, Mary Bowen
McAdams, Mary E.
McAdams, Minnie O.
McAdams, Oary
McAdams, R. B.
McAdams, Rebecca
McAdams, Robert
McAdams, Thomas
McAdams, W. H.
McAdams, W. R.
McAdams, Welborn Newton
McAdams, William F.
McAdams, William R.
McAllister, Cynthia Lynn
McCall, Martheu
McCall, Patse (Buchanan)
McCall, Robert
McCann, Hannah
McCann, Robert
McClain, Anna
McClain, Benjamin
McClain, C. Talitha
McClain, J. O.
McClain, J. B.
McClain, M. E.
McClain, M. Elizabeth
McClain, Miss M. J.
McClain, Nancy
McClain, W. A.
McClinton, Samuel B.
McConnell, Bell
McConnell, J. S.
McConnell, Lillian Bell
McCormick, Ann
McCurry, John H.
McCurry, Rose E.
McDaniel, Eliza (Ellis)
McDaniel, Emmie L. Richardson
McDaniel, H. T.
McDannel, Eli
McElrath, Marion
McGee, A. H. Sgt. Maj.
McGee, A. H.
McGee, Abner
McGee, Abner H.
McGee, Abner Hill
McGee, Abner Hill, Jr.
McGee, Anna
McGee, Burrell
McGee, E. T.
McGee, Elias
McGee, Elizabeth
McGee, Elizabeth S.
McGee, Emeline
McGee, Esther C.
McGee, Esther Capurnia
McGee, Georgia
McGee, Georgiana V.
McGee, Georgiana Vashti
McGee, Gilly
McGee, Hudakey
McGee, Jane
McGee, Jesse
McGee, Jessie P.
McGee, John
McGee, John, Sr.
McGee, John M.
McGee, Lillie Lucinda
McGee, Louisa
McGee, Lucinda E.
McGee, Lucinda R.
McGee, Lucinda Rutledge
McGee, M.
McGee, Martha V.
McGee, Mary A.
McGee, Mary Abner Hill
McGee, Mary Asenath
McGee, Mattie I.
McGee, Michael
McGee, Michael, Jr.
McGee, Nancy
McGee, Polly
McGee, Rebecca Sopheonia (Hodges)
McGee, Riley
McGee, Sallie
McGee, Sallie W. H.
McGee, Sallie Urbanna
McGee, Samuel
McGee, Sarah
McGee, Sophronia
McGee, Sophronia (Hodges)
McGee, Tabitha
McGee, William
McGee, William P.
McGee, William Z.
McGee, William Zachariah
McGee, Willis
McGehee, Ann (Merriwether)
McGehee, Betty
McGehee, D.
McGehee, Esther
McGregor, A. T.
McGregor, James T.
McGregor, N. A.
McKady, Thomas
McKinney, Reedie Lee Queen
McKinley, T. W.
McLain, John T.
McLain, Malinda Jane
McLain, Poster A.
McMurtrey, Amanda C.
McMurtrey, Bayliss F.
McMurtrey, Sallie J.
McMurtrey, Thomas Watkins
McMurtrey, W. H.
McMurtrey, WM. Hunter
McMurtrey, William
McNinch, Elizabeth Salomie
McWhorter, Annie Lee
McWhorter, J. B.
McWhorter, J. R.
McWhorter, M. H.
McWhorter, M. J.
McWhorter, Lessie
McWhorter, Mary McAdams
McWhorter, Mary Jane
McWhorter, W. A.
Macarson, Martha (Hollingsworth)
Macy, Henry
Madden, Lee
Madden, Molly L.
Maloney, Jane (Buchanan)
Maloney, John
Manning, M. R.
Manning, Terissa (Clinkscales)
Marcum, Emaline
Mark, B. B.
Martin, Abram
Martin, Adaline (Clinkscales)
Martin, Anna
Martin, Charles
Martin, Chesley
Martin, Edmund
Martin, George
Martin, George Washington
Martin, J. B.
Martin, Jacob
Martin, James
Martin, James Edwin
Martin, John
Martin, John Thomas
Martin, M. C. P.
Martin, Mamie
Martin, Mamie G.
Martin, Mary
Martin, Patty
Martin, Ruth (Duckworth)
Martin, Sally
Martin, Sarah
Martin, Sarah (Dunn)
Martin, Sophronia
Martin, Suckey
Martin, Susannah (Watkins)
Martin, Thoams Allen
Martin, Wm. P.
Martin, William
Mattison, Daniel
Mattison, Fannie G.
Mattison, M. J.
Mattison, Margaret J.
Mattison, Mary D.
Mattison, Sallie (Barmore)
Mattison, William
Maverick, S. A.
Mebane, Dicey
Mebane, James, Sr.
Mecormick, Ann
Meeks, Dewwy
Meeks, Indiana
Meeks, J. W.
Meeks, Marvin
Meeks, T. L.
Meeks, Vera
Meeks, Willie Mae
Mendenhall, Joseph
Mendenhall, Robert
Merriwether, Ann
Merriwether, Caroline
Merriwether, Charles Walker
Merriwether, Elizabeth
Merriwether, Evaline
Merriwether, Francis
Merriwether, Frederick
Merriwether, John
Merriwether, John G.
Merriwether, John Laws
Merriwether, Joseph
Merriwether, Martha
Merriwether, Mary
Merriwether, Mary Lewis
Merriwether, Mary R.
Merriwether, Mary Ragland
Merriwether, Nicholas
Merriwether, Robert
Merriwether, Sallie
Merriwether, Sarah
Merriwether, Sarah M.
Merriwether, Thomas
Merriwether, William Beckley
Merriwether, Zachary
Meyer, Ann
Meyer, James
Meyer, Mary
Meyer, Nancy
Milford, Asabelle Eleanor
Milford, C. M.
Milford, George R. M.
Milford, George W.
Milford, Joshua Pruitt
Milford, Kitty Grant
Milford, Lillian Pauline
Milford, Margaret
Milford, Mary Jameson
Milford, Nancy Aloonza
Milford, Nellie Irene
Milford, R. L. (Shumate)
Milford, Ruth Elizabeth
Milford, T. B.
Milford, Thomas
Milford, W. J.
Miller, Caroline (Talliaferro)
Miller, Charles
Miller, Charlotte L.
Miller, Cornelia Ann
Miller, H. C., Dr.
Miller, Henry Silas
Miller, Mary Jane
Minor, Elizabeth (Kemp)
Mobley, Richard
Moon, Suckey (Martin)
Moore, A.
Moore, Catherine
Moore, Charlotte E.
Moore, David
Moore, Frances E.
Moore, G. A.
Moore, Grant A.
Moore, J. M.
Moore, J. T.
Moore, John
Moore, John W.
Moore, L.
Moore, Lettuce
Moore, Malinda M.
Moore, N. J.
Moore, Rebecca
Moorehead, Augustus A.
Moorehead, Nora Dalton
Morris, Nancy
Morris, Charley H.
Morris, L. A.
Morris, Nelson
Morris, Nimrod
Morris, Sena E.
Morrison, J. K.
Morrison, K. M.
Morrison, Sallie A.
Morrow, Alex
Morrow, Andrew
Morrow, Arthur
Morrow, Arthur Blair
Morrow, Betsey
Morrow, Cornelia H.
Morrow, David
Morrow, Eleanor
Morrow, Elizabeth
Morrow, Francis L.
Morrow, George
Morrow, George B.
Morrow, George M.
Morrow, George Macklin
Morrow, Hugh
Morrow, James
Morrow, James H.
Morrow, James L.
Morrow, James Linn
Morrow, James M.
Morrow, James S.
Morrow, Jane
Morrow, Jeannet
Morrow, John
Morrow, John H.
Morrow, John P.
Morrow, Joseph
Morrow, Joseph, Sr.
Morrow, Joseph H.
Morrow, Margaret
Morrow, Mary
Morrow, Mary Ann
Morrow, Nancy
Morrow, Pleasure
Morrow, Polly
Morrow, Robert
Morrow, Sally
Morrow, Sally (Vincent)
Morrow, Samuel
Morrow, Samuel, Jr.
Morrow, Sarah
Morrow, Thomas
Morrow, Vincent
Morrow, William
Morrow, William B.
Morrow, William P.
Morrow, William W.
Morse, Robert
Moseley, Henry E.
Moseley, William
Mots, Sally (Dendy)
Mott, Margaret A.
Mull, A. E.
Mull, Janie Bridges
Mullikin, J. F.
Mullikin, Marie
Mullikin, Martha Alice
Mullikin, Nancy Elizabeth
Munday, Benjamin H., Jr.
Munday, Elizabeth (Younger)
Munday, Nancy
Munday, Robert
Munday, Sally (Younger)
Murdock, Carrie Crosby
Murdock, Claudis
Murdock, David
Murdock, Essie Lou Elma
Murdock, H. L.
Murdock, J. B.
Murdock, J. D.
Murdock, Joseph
Murdock, L. E.
Murdock, Mrs. Laura C.
Murdock, Lavinia Crowther
Murdock, Lula Pettigrew
Murdock, Palmyra
Murdock, V. E.
Murdock, W. J.
Murphy, Charity Martin
Murphy, E. A.
Murphy, Ezekiel
Murphy, S. M.
Nall, Mary
Nash, Ezekiel
Nash, John
Nealy, Ann
Newell, Jane
Newell, Thomas
Newell, William
Newton, Martheu
Nichols, Sally
Noble, Patrick
Norris, Amy Crowther
Norris, Charles
Norris, C. W.
Norris, Charles K.
Norris, E. B.
Norris, Ezekiel
Norris, Fanny L.
Norris, J. Eugene
Norris, M. E.
Norris, Mary E. (Wakefield)
Norris, Mary Wakefield
Norris, W. B.
Norton, Penny (Featherston)
Nuchols, Polly Hughes (Watkins)
Oliver, Sallie Moseley
Oliver, Dr. W. B.
Oliver, Lt. W. B. Jr.
Orr, Christopher
Orr, James L.
Orr, Jane B. (Clinkscales)
Osborn, John
Owens, C. B.
Owens, Icy Willis
Owens, Joseph Henry
Owens, Pallie
Pace, David D.
Palmer, Dale
Pankey, Mary (Watkins)
Pardue, George
Parker, P. J.
Partain, Benjamin
Partain, Hubbard
Passmore, Abraham
Passmore, Ann
Passmore, Ann (Hargess)
Passmore, Augustine
Passmore, Catey (Randels)
Passmore, David
Passmore, Dinah (Elliott)
Passmore, Elizabeth
Passmore, Eleanor
Passmore, Enoch
Passmore, George
Passmore, Hannah
Passmore, Humphrey
Passmore, Jane
Passmore, John
Passmore, Joseph
Passmore, Lydia
Passmore, Margaret
Passmore, Mary
Passmore, Phebe
Passmore, Ruth
Passmore, Samuel
Passmore, Susannah
Passmore, Thomas
Passmore, William
Patterson, Annie C.
Patterson, D. J.
Patterson, J. C.
Patterson, John C.
Patterson, Lou T.
Patterson, M. D.
Patterson, Maggie
Patterson, Martha McElrath
Patterson, T. R.
Payne, Jane
Payne, Ledford
Pearman, Benjamin
Pearman, Elizabeth
Pearman, Lety (Shirley)
Pearman, Weldon
Pearson, Emma N.
Pendleton, John
Pepper, Lucinda
Pepper, Pinkney
Pepper, Sarah
Pettigrew, Ebenezer
Pickel, Bettie S.
Pickel, C. W.
Pickel, Charles P.
Pickel, E.
Pickel, E. J.
Pickel, Elizabeth
Pickel, J. E.
Pickel, Mary
Pickel, Thos. O.
Pickel, William
Pickel, William S.
Pierce, Joseph
Pierce, Col. William
Piles, Rebecca
Piles, Sma
Piles, Vincent
Piles, William
Pinckney, Thomas, Esq.
Pool, James
Pool, Mollie G.
Poore, Allene
Poore, Bessie Black
Poore, E. W.
Poore, Estelle
Poore, Grover
Poore, Irene
Poore, J. W.
Poore, John
Poore, John, Sr.
Poore, Joseph
Poore, Joyce Ann
Poore, L. A.
Poore, Lucy
Poore, Lula
Poore, Marvin
Poore, Ruben
Poore, Sam M.
Posey, Missouri
Powell, John
Pratt, Annie
Pratt, Charles M.
Pratt, H. L.
Pratt, J. N.
Pratt, John, Sr.
Pratt, John Calvin
Pratt, L. A.
Pratt, Lilla Lee
Pratt, Laura Amelia
Pratt, Livy E.
Pratt, Louise Haynie
Pratt, Louise I.
Pratt, M. Fanny
Pratt, Margaret R.
Pratt, Martha
Pratt, Mary
Pratt, Ophely Matilda Ann-
Pratt, R. Linday
Pratt, Robert
Pratt, Robert M.
Pratt, Robert N.
Pratt, William
Pressley, Andrew Thomas
Pressley, Kate Royal
Pressley, W. N.
Pruitt, E. C.
Pruitt, Oliver Harrison
Purdy, Leroy
Pusey, Mary (Passmore)
Pyle, Ann (Passmore)
Pyle, John
Quails, J. B.
Quails, Mary Hembree
Ragsdale, Annie
Ragsdale, Charlie
Ragsdale, D. F.
Ragsdale, Dicy E.
Ragsdale, Ella
Ragsdale, Frances A.
Ragsdale, J. Frank
Ragsdale, James N.
Ragsdale, Jane
Ragsdale, Lindley
Ragsdale, T. L.
Rainwater, David
Rainwater, Violet Smith
Ramsey, Thomas
Randels, Catey
Rasor, Annie B.
Rasor, Anne E. Latimer
Rasor, Christian
Rasor, Clara E.
Rasor, E.
Rasor, E. Barmore, Sr.
Rasor, Ezekiel
Rasor, Elizabeth
Rasor, H. L.
Rasor, J. C.
Rasor, J. M.
Rasor, James
Rasor, James Agnew
Rasor, John
Rasor, John Christian
Rasor, John U.
Rasor, Lucia Agnew
Rasor, Mary M.
Rasor, P.
Rasor, Pamela (Barmore)
Rasor, Permelia Barmore
Rasor, Sarah
Ray, Christian
Ray, Hugh
Reece, J. T.
Reece, Josephine
Reece, Sarah Dunlap
Reece, W. G.
Reeds, William
Rees, Levi
Reese, Cornelia Ragsdale
Reese, J. B.
Reeves, H. M.
Reeves, J. E.
Reeves, John Wilson
Rice, A. E.
Rice, Amaziah
Rice, Dr. Augustus
Rice, H.
Rice, J. L.
Rice, James
Rice, James T.
Rice, S. A. E.
Richards, J.
Richardson, Alma Gwendolyn
Richardson, A. N.
Richardson, Ann
Richardson, Catherine
Richardson, Charity
Richardson, Charles
Richardson, Elizabeth
Richardson, Frances
Richardson, Hattie
Richardson, John
Richardson, John Henry
Richardson, Capt. Louis Clark
Richardson, M. B.
Richardson, Martha
Richardson, Mary
Richardson, Matthias
Richardson, Matthias, Jr.
Richardson, Mourning
Richardson, Nena Edith Breseale
Richardson, Sallie Newton
Richardson, Sarah (Morrah)
Richardson, Dr. William Murphy
Richardson, Dr. William H.
Richey, B. F.
Richey, Elizabeth (Dunn)
Richey, Frederick V.
Richey, Indiana Bell
Richey, James
Richey, Joe J.
Richey, Juliany (Shirley)
Richey, Lucy Ann
Richey, Margaret Rasor
Richey, Minnie Bell
Richey, Robert E.
Ricketts, Margaret
Riley, Billy
Riley, Green
Riley, Fibernia E. (Barmore)
Roach, Mary (Betts)
Roberson, John
Roberson, William
Robertson, Thomas Lorton
Robinson, A. W.
Robinson, Alice Shirley
Robinson, B. G.
Robinson, Benjamin Milton
Robinson, C. C.
Robinson, Conner G.
Robinson, Emily E. (Bigby)
Robinson, Frances Laura W.
Robinson, H.
Robinson, Helen
Robinson, Hugh
Robinson, J. A.
Robinson, J. L.
Robinson, Col. James
Robinson, James L.
Robinson, James N.
Robinson, Jasper N.
Robinson, John Andrew
Robinson, Lawrence Orr
Robinson, L. I.
Robinson, Lee M.
Robinson, Leila L. Clinkscales
Robinson, Lydia
Robinson, M. C.
Robinson, M. E.
Robinson, M. I. Taylor
Robinson, M. Amanda Pratt
Robinson, Mahala R. (Ellis)
Robinson, Marguerite
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, Mary Jane Callaham
Robinson, Richard
Robinson, Robert
Robinson, S. B.
Robinson, Shirley
Robinson, Sula M.
Robinson, Zula E.
Robs, Thompson
Rodgers, Ann
Rodgers, Elizabeth
Rodgers, Jacob
Rodgers, Jemima
Rodgers, Rachel
Rogers, Benjamin
Rogers, David
Rogers, Diley
Rogers, Elizabeth
Rogers, Frances Taylor
Rogers, J. A.
Rogers, J. T.
Rogers, Joseph W.
Rogers, Hester (Duckworth)
Rogers, Manda Howell Pritchett
Rogers, Martha Howell Picket
Rogers, Osy B.
Rogers, W. E.
Rogers, Wm. H.
Roman, Margaret (Buchanan)
Roman, Martha
Rountree, Alice
Rountree, Andrew
Rountree, Betsey
Rountree, Bob
Rountree, Christian
Rountree, Dice
Rountree, Dudley
Rountree, Jessey
Rountree, John
Rountree, Nash
Rountree, Noah
Royster, Prudence (Watkins)
Rush, Gertrude McAdams
Rush, Samuel Pearce
Russell, Florence
Russell, Hassie
Russell, J. S.
Rutledge, Marget (Buchanan)
Rutledge, William
Saddler, Jeremiah
Samuel, Anthony
Samuel, James
Saylor, Fred
Scoggings, Rebecca (Featherston)
Scott, Connie
Scott, T. M.
Scuddy, John
Seawright, Andrew
Seawright, Charity P.
Seawright, John
Seawright, R. P.
Seawright, W. W.
Sexton, Jack
Shackleford, John David
Shannon, Amelia
Shannon, J. D.
Sharp, Elizabeth
Sharp, E. M.
Sharp, John
Sharp, Marshall
Sharp, Mary Abner Hill
Sharp, Nancy (Barmore)
Sharp, William H.
Shaw, C.
Shaw, C. C.
Shaw, C. G.
Shaw, James
Shaw, James Leslie
Shaw, Mary J.
Shaw, Othella
Shaw, Ruby S.
Shaw, Samuel
Sherard, James
Sheriff, R. L.
Sheriff, W. H.
Shirley, A. M.
Shirley, Almer
Shirley, Armand
Shirley, Elizabeth
Shirley, Emma
Shirley, Ernest
Shirley, George
Shirley, H. B.
Shirley, H. C.
Shirley, J. F.
Shirley, J. J.
Shirley, James
Shirley, John
Shirley, John A.
Shirley, John W.
Shirley, Juliany
Shirley, Julia E. Hunter
Shirley, Leland
Shirley, Lettuce
Shirley, Lety
Shirley, Lucinda
Shirley, Martha Drucilla
Shirley, Mastin
Shirley, Monroe Jefferson
Shirley, Nancy
Shirley, Nancy Ireny
Shirley, Nathaniel
Shirley, Phebia
Shirley, Rapody
Shirley, S. T.
Shirley, Thomas
Shotworth, Amon
Shotworth, Cora Lynn
Shotworth, Henry Sloan
Shotworth, Martha
Shumate, Ann
Shumate, Strather
Sifford, James D.
Sifford, James Daniel
Sifford, L. A.
Sifford, Lloyd A., Jr.
Sifford, Lloyd Alexander
Sifford, Marion C. (Wilkerson)
Sifford, Mary (Ellis)
Sifford, Mary Elizabeth (Ellis)
Sifford, Sallie (Bimbo)
Sillivin, Nimrod
Simpson, John
Simpson, Margaret (Talliaferro)
Simpson, Richard V. Maj.
Simpson, R. W. Col.
Sims, Elizabeth S. (Magee)
Sims, Nathan
Singleton, J. F.
Sitton, E. A.
Sitton, Ella C.
Sitton, J.
Slaughter, Mary
Smith, A. J.
Smith, Ann E.
Smith, Annie E. McMurtrey
Smith, Annar K.
Smith, Benjamin Jesse
Smith, Bessie
Smith, Carrie Reece
Smith, Dicy
Smith, E. L.
Smith, E. J.
Smith, E. O.
Smith, Edwin S.
Smith, Edith
Smith, Elihu P.
Smith, Enoch
Smith, Ethel
Smith, Foster J.
Smith, George W.
Smith, Grady Z.
Smith, Hallie E. Robinson
Smith, Hannah
Smith, Henry
Smith, Hugh
Smith, J. F.
Smith, J. M.
Smith, J. P.
Smith, J. W.
Smith, James Edward
Smith, Jane G.
Smith, L. T.
Smith, L. A.
Smith, Lucy
Smith, Lucy Ann (Watkins)
Smith, M.
Smith, M. A.
Smith, M. G.
Smith, M. H.
Smith, M. P.
Smith, Mary (Morrow)
Smith, Mary E.
Smith, Mary Evatt
Smith, Martha Welborn
Smith, Nellie
Smith, Nina
Smith, Nina Belle
Smith, Robert
Smith, Ruby May
Smith, Ruthy (McGee)
Smith, S. M.
Smith, Salisa J.
Smith, S. Marion
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Samuel W.
Smith, Sudie Bell
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Virginia Caroline
Smith, Volma Herring
Smith, W. G.
Smith, Wm. P.
Smith, William
Smith, William, Jr.
Smith, Zephaniah
Smithers, Ann Watkins
Smithers, Elizabeth
Smithers, John
Smithers, William
Souter, Elizabeth (Buchanan)
Souter, George
Spence, B. M.
Spence, Jessie L.
Spence, M. E.
Spence, Mrs. Matilda
Spence, Robert
Spencer, Sally (Watkins)
Staggs, Ella Maude
Staggs, Wm. Walker
Stanton, Allene
Stanton, Catherine
Stanton, Donald
Stanton, H. M.
Stanton, K. D.
Stanton, M. B.
Stanton, Mary Ann
Stanton, Noah C.
Stanton, Nettie Page
Stanton, Rachel E.
Stanton, Vera I. Poore
Stanton, W. T.
Stanton, William
Stark, Wyatt, W.
Steele, James
Stewart, John
Stokes, Benjamin
Stokes, Elizabeth (Younger)
Stone, Alma
Stone, Frances D.
Stone, Irene
Stone, J. S.
Stone, J. Laurence
Stone, James M.
Stone, Katie
Stone, M. C.
Stone, P. G.
Stone, R. G.
Stone, S. P.
Stone, Samantha
Stone, Samantha E.
Stone, Susan E.
Stone, Virginia Belle Grace
Stone, W. C.
Stone, W. G.
Stone, Walter A.
Story, Benjamin
Story, Henry M.
Story, Hibernia E. (Ellis)
Stowe, Frank R.
Strickland, Alice Brock (Mrs. D. E., Jr.)
Strickland, Alice Clamp
Strickland, Ida O. Mears
Strickland, Jane Ellender
Strickland, John Williams
Strickland, Dr. M. W.
Strickland, Mary
Strickland, Sarah
Stringer, A. T.
Stringer, E. B.
Stringer, Elizabeth B.
Stringer, L. D.
Stringer, M. E.
Strong, Hibernia E. (Ellis)
Strode, John
Strudwick, Ed
Stucky, A. E.
Stucky, Eliza A. Norris
Stucky, Frances Livania
Stucky, Louise Emaline
Stucky, Luther B.
Stucky, Robert
Sullivan, Nimrod
Sutton, John
Swet, Lucy R.
Swilling, Harriet L.
Swilling, John
Swilling, Capt. John
Swilling, Lucinda
Swilling, Z. H.
Taliaferro, Ann (Kemp)
Taliaferro, Ann
Taliaferro, Catherine
Taliaferro, Catherine
Taliaferro, Charles
Taliaferro, Elizabeth
Taliaferro, Francis
Taliaferro, John
Taliaferro, Kemp
Taliaferro, Laurence
Taliaferro, Lucy (Hammond)
Taliaferro, Lucy (Latimer)
Taliaferro, Margaret
Taliaferro, Mary Elizabeth
Taliaferro, Mary M.
Taliaferro, Mildred
Taliaferro, Richard
Taliaferro, Robert
Taliaferro, Sara Ann
Taliaferro, Sarah
Taliaferro, Warren
Taliaferro, William
Taliaferro, Zachariah
Taliaferro, Zacharias
Tanner, Daisy Belle
Tarrant, Mrs. Elizabeth P.
Tarrant, James
Tarrant, Mourning (Richardson)
Tarrant, Rose Ellen
Taylor, David
Taylor, Elizabeth
Taylor, J.
Taylor, John
Taylor, John, Jr.
Taylor, Joseph
Taylor, Lucy Hammond (Talliaferro)
Taylor, R. T.
Taylor, Richard
Taylor, Sallie
Taylor, Samuel B.
Taylor, Capt. Thomas
Taylor, Zachariah
Teagle, George W.
Teagle, Josephine
Teagle, S. W.
Telford, M. J.
Telford, Mamie Adell
Telford, W. B.
Temple, Preston C.
Temple, Ronie L. Dellinger
Tennant, William
Thacker, Mary L.
Thacker, Robert A.
Thomas, Essie McAdams
Thomas, Bertha Cooper
Thomas, Polly (Morrow)
Thompson, Andrew
Thompson, Florence Magnolia Williams
Thompson, H.
Thompson, J. D.
Thompson, James Robert
Thompson, Mrs.
Thompson, Nettie
Thompson, Rachel
Thompson, Richard
Thompson, Samuel
Thompson, Wm.
Thornley, Thomas
Tibbs, John
Tims, Hoyt
Tims, Samuel
Tinsley, William
Torrence, Joseph
Torrence, Sadie Urbana (Ellis)
Townsend, Charlotte L.
Townsend, Esther Calpurnia (McGee)
Townsend, John Fletcher
Townsend, Julia Urbana
Townsend, Sallie McGee
Tribble, Ann
Tribble, Dicey Elizabeth
Tribble, Dora Arbelle
Tribble, E.
Tribble, E. T.
Tribble, Elizabeth
Tribble, Emily J.
Tribble, Essie
Tribble, Essie Clinkscales
Tribble, Ezekiel
Tribble, J.
Tribble, John
Tribble, L. W.
Tribble, Lemuel Williamson
Tribble, Luther Eugene
Tribble, Margaret
Tribble, Margaret J.
Tribble, Margaret Ann
Tribble, Nancy
Tribble, Oliver Brown
Tribble, Palmyra S.
Tribble, R.
Tribble, Rosannah
Tribble, S. E.
Tribble, S. M.
Tribble, Tryel
Tribble, W. M.
Tribble, William M.
Tribble, William H.
Tribble, Dr. William Lafayette
Tripp, Ann Dalton
Tripp, William
Tucker, Alice
Tucker, B. L.
Tucker, Capt. Bartlet
Tucker, D. E.
Tucker, David
Tucker, De Jarnette
Tucker, Elizabeth
Tucker, Frances (Watkins)
Tucker, H.
Tucker, Hannah
Tucker, Hartley
Tucker, Ida Welborn
Tucker, J. R.
Tucker, James R.
Tucker, Dora E. Murdock
Tucker, Dora Robinson
Tucker, Lucy
Tucker, M.
Tucker, Mary
Tucker, Mary Burton
Tucker, Mary Amanda
Tucker, Percilla
Tucker, R. A.
Tucker, Rachel C.
Tucker, Reuben D.
Tucker, Sallie
Tucker, Sarah A.
Turley, Nancy (Buchanan)
Turner, Absolum
Turner, David
Turner, Elizabeth
Turner, J. B.
Turner, Jeremiah
Turner, Jesse
Turner, John
Turner, Patsey
Turner, Poky
Turner, Sarah
Turner, Sarah Ann
Turner, Sintha
Turner, Thomas
Turner, William
Tyler, Beulah (Bulah)
Tyler, Edyth L.
Tyler, James
Vandiver, John
Vass, John
Vermillion, E.
Vermillion, David W.
Vermillion, Graydon
Vermillion, Lizzie Carlysle
Vermillion, Mary
Vermillion, Sallie G.
Vermillion, T.
Vermillion, T. C.
Vermillion, Wistah W.
Vincent, James
Vincent, Sally
Wagstaff, Martha Jane
Wakefield, Alice J.
Wakefield, Alen
Wakefield, Ann
Wakefield, Betsey
Wakefield, B. M.
Wakefield, Candis Ann
Wakefield, Caroline (Harkness)
Wakefield, Conrad
Wakefield, Conrad L.
Wakefield, D. C.
Wakefield, David Hugh
Wakefield, Dora
Wakefield, Dora Virginia Norris
Wakefield, E. D.
Wakefield, E. S.
Wakefield, Elvira S. (Clinkscales)
Wakefield, Emily A.
Wakefield, Emma Norris
Wakefield, Fred B.
Wakefield, Henry
Wakefield, Hezekiah
Wakefield, J. M.
Wakefield, James E.
Wakefield, Jane
Wakefield, Jane E.
Wakefield, Jane E. (Buchanan)
Wakefield, Jane Buchanan
Wakefield, Janey
Wakefield, Jesse
Wakefield, John
Wakefield, John A.
Wakefield, John Thomas
Wakefield, Josiah
Wakefield, Julia C. (Watkins)
Wakefield, Julia C. Watkins
Wakefield, Lucia
Wakefield, Margaret D.
Wakefield, Marget
Wakefield, Mary
Wakefield, Mary (Buchanan)
Wakefield, Mary E.
Wakefield, M. R.
Wakefield, Nancy
Wakefield, Polly Ann
Wakefield, Rachel
Wakefield, S. A.
Wakefield, Samuel J.
Wakefield, Sarah
Wakefield, T. Caroline (Harkness)
Wakefield, T. T.
Wakefield, Thomas Juliette
Wakefield, Thomas Taylor
Wakefield, William
Wakefield, William M.
Walker, Chester V.
Walker, E. C.
Walker, H. C.
Walker, Jarrot
Walker, M. A.
Wall, Charles
Wallace, Annie
Wallace, George
Wallace, James Claude
Wallace, John H.
Wallace, L. M.
Wallace, Nina E.
Wallace, R. W.
Wallace, Sarah A.
Wallace, W. A.
Walters, Annie Milford
Walters, William Elijah
Walton, Eveline L. (Watkins)
Walton, Robert
Ward, Elizabeth
Ward, Naomi (Branson)
Wardlaw, James
Ware, Louisa S.
Ware, Malinda S.
Ware, W. A. J.
Ware, William
Waring, Thomas
Washington, Mrs.Ann
Washington, Capt. John
Washington, Mrs. Mary
Watkins, Ailsey
Watkins, Alfred
Watkins, Anderson
Watkins, Ann
Watkins, Annie (Ann)
Watkins, Augustus Lyrie
Watkins, Barbery
Watkins, Cassey
Watkins, Catherine
Watkins, Charles
Watkins, Claiborn
Watkins, David
Watkins, D. O.
Watkins, Eli
Watkins, Elizabeth
Watkins, Esther
Watkins, Eveline L.
Watkins, Francis
Watkins, George
Watkins, George Claiborn
Watkins, Henry
Watkins, Isaac
Watkins, Isreal
Watkins, Jacob A.
Watkins, James
Watkins, Jane
Watkins, Jane (Passmore)
Watkins, Jane C.
Watkins, Jean
Watkins, Joel
Watkins, John
Watkins, Jonas B.
Watkins, Joseph
Watkins, Judith
Watkins, Julia C.
Watkins, Kesiah
Watkins, Leonidas
Watkins, Lucy Ann
Watkins, Mary
Watkins, Mary (Jones)
Watkins, Nancy
Watkins, Polly Hughes
Watkins, Prudence
Watkins, Rebecca E.
Watkins, R. V.
Watkins, Robert
Watkins, Ruth (Hendricks)
Watkins, Samuel
Watkins, Sallie
Watkins, Sarah
Watkins, Sarah E.
Watkins, Seleter
Watkins, Susannah
Watkins, Susannah (Hughes)
Watkins, Sylvia (Wood)
Watkins, Temperance
Watkins, Tempy
Watkins, Thomas
Watkins, Thomas E.
Watkins, Thomas Elliot
Watkins, Virginia C. (Smith)
Watkins, Virginia Carline Smith
Watkins, William
Watkins, Willis
Watson, A. E.
Watson, D. M.
Watson, Dela
Watson, Martha Louise
Watson, S. S.
Watson, Willie N.
Watson, Wm. David
Watt(s), James
Watt(s), Samuel
Watt(s), Pressley
Webb, Robert L.
Webb, William
Weeb, Hannah Smith
Weeb, James
Webster, Mrs. Jane
Welborn, Aaron
Welborn, Amy
Welborn, Albert
Welborn, C. A.
Welborn, Caleb
Welborn, Caroline Elizabeth
Welborn, Cunthia E.
Welborn, D. K.
Welborn, David J.
Welborn, E. H.
Welborn, Ebb. Hudson
Welborn, Elijah
Welborn, Eliza Ann
Welborn, Elizabeth Caroline
Welborn, Ephriam
Welborn, Ezekiel
Welborn, F. M.
Welborn, Frank Thompson
Welborn, Frances
Welborn, Georgiana
Welborn, Hester
Welborn, Ida
Welborn, James
Welborn, John
Welborn, John H.
Welborn, John M.
Welborn, Joshua
Welborn, Kate Cannon
Welborn, Laurence Orr
Welborn, Lemuel H.
Welborn, Lizzie Harper
Welborn, Mary A.
Welborn, Mary E.
Welborn, Nancy
Welborn, Polly (Mary)
Welborn, Robert H.
Welborn, Ruth
Welborn, Thomas
Welborn, Thomas Martin
Welborn, Viola X. Hernandez
Welborn, William
Welborn, William Asa
Welborn, William O.
Welborn, Wm. Osman
Welch, C. W.
Welch, Martha
Wells, Dorinda (Betts)
Wehlin, Elizabeth
West, Anna
West, Joel
White, John
White, Margaret P.
White, Sarah (Morrow)
White, W.
White, W. R.
Whitt, John V.
Wickliffe, Bessie
Wickliffe, Caroline Blassingame
Wickliffe, David
Wickliffe, E. B.
Wickliffe, Emily A. (Wakefield)
Wickliffe, Emily A. Wakefield
Wickliffe, Henry
Wickliffe, Jane Buchanan
Wickliffe, Margaret
Wickliffe, Robert
Wickliffe, William
Wickliffe, William E.
Wilkerson, Marion C.
Williams, Albert
Williams, Alma Othella
Williams, Ann
Williams, Annie C.
Williams, Rev. Arthur
Williams, Austin
Williams, C. N.
Williams, Cornelia S.
Williams, Ella Rosa B.
Williams, Ella Owen
Williams, Frances
Williams, G. N.
Williams, George
Williams, George Berry
Williams, Harriet
Williams, Helen H.
Williams, Ida Major
Williams, Iler
Williams, J. L.
Williams, Jasper
Williams, John C.
Williams, John G.
Williams, John Lovis
Williams, John S.
Williams, L. W.
Williams, Lula
Williams, Lula Frances
Williams, M. C.
Williams, M. J.
Williams, M. V.
Williams, Maggie C.
Williams, Mary
Williams, Mary E.
Williams, Martha E.
Williams, Nancy
Williams, R. R.
Williams, R. W.
Williams, Richard
Williams, Roger
Williams, Ruby L.
Williams, Ruth Martin
Williams, S. M.
Williams, Samuel M.
Williams, Sarah
Williams, Sterling
Williams, Sterling Q.
Williams, W. A.
Williams, W. B.
Williams, West A.
Willis, Hezekiah
Willis, Stephens
Willson, Joe Young
Willson, John
Willson, John S.
Willson, Nannie
Wilson, A. E. Carwile
Wilson, Ada C.
Wilson, Amanda C.
Wilson, Bernie
Wilson, Bertha Bell, Mrs.
Wilson, Beulah McAdams
Wilson, Camilla C.
Wilson, Catherine B.
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Eugenia E.
Wilson, Hugh
Wilson, J. B.
Wilson, J. H.
Wilson, J. N.
Wilson, J. R.
Wilson, James C.
Wilson, James W.
Wilson, James Frederick
Wilson, Jim Henry
Wilson, James L.
Wilson, James Liddell
Wilson, John
Wilson, Dr. John
Wilson, John A.
Wilson, John S.
Wilson, John T.
Wilson, Lettice (Shirley)
Wilson, N. C.
Wilson, Nannie
Wilson, Polly Ann
Wilson, Sam
Wilson, Sarah Catheran
Wilson, Sarah Ann Strickland
Wilson, Sarah E. Shirley
Wilson, Sevier
Wilson, W. E.
Wilson, W. H.
Wilson, Walter Brock
Wilson, Wm. N.
Wilson, William Walter
Wilson, Dr. W. W.
Wilson, Dr. Wm. Wister
Wilson, Wilson H.
Wise, Rachel
Wood, Sylvia
Woods, Thomas C.
Woody, Rebekah
Wright, Robert N.
Wylie, Aaron
Wylie, Betsey (Morrow)
Wylie, Jane (Morrow)
Wylie, Peter
York, Simon
Young, A. B.
Young, Andrew
Young, Carrie
Young, Essie
Young, John W.
Young, Kissie
Young, Maggie
Young, N. L.
Young, S. Lattie
Young, Rev. V.
Young, Prassie Strickland
Young, Robert Lee
Young, Wm. B.
Young, W. L.
Younger, Alexander
Younger, Andrew
Younger, Ann
Younger, Elizabeth
Younger, Jannette
Younger, John
Younger, Mary
Younger, Polly
Younger, Rebecca
Younger, Sally
Younger, Susan
Younger, Susannah
Younger, Thomas
Younger, Tomson
Younger, William


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